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Week Twelve
Still trying to catch up..... Week twelve saw several more puppies leave the nest. Puppy 3 and Puppy 7 had long journeys. Liz drove them to Great Falls, Montana, in the early hours of the morning. They slept for the whole trip! Puppy 7 (Annie) checked in for a flight all the way to Indianapolis. Puppy 3 (Kobi) flew in a small private plane to central Washington. Both puppies thought the airport was a great place because everyone there wanted to pet and play with them! Both puppies arrived safely at their destinations, despite a bit of a re-routing for Kobi due to snowstorm.

On the weekend, puppy 5's new owners came to pick her up, leaving us with just 3 puppies. Our household seemed very quiet at that point!

On Tuesday, puppy 4's owners came to pick him up and we were down to just 2 puppies.... Although it is sad for us to see them go, we are getting wonderful reports of how well the puppies are doing in their new homes, so that makes us feel a lot better!

Kobi, the night before his trip to Washington. Kobi lives with Robin and Sharon and their flatcoat, Kira. Apparently Kira was delighted to get a new pal.
Annie, the night before her big trip to Indiana. Annie has gone to live with Katy and Brian of Songdog kennels. She now has 3 flatcoat "big sisters" that she lives with.
Teva with new owners Darren and Michele. Teva will be living in Edmonton with her big half-brother Ripley (one of Huxley's sons from a previous marriage).
Jasper with his new owners Sarah and Dave. It was a very windy day when they picked him up. Jasper had a long drive all the way back to Prince George, BC.
Lupine and her two remaining puppies, off on an adventure.
Huxley and a mallard