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Week Two
October 5th

Week Two is well underway and there have been a few developmental changes already. Firstly, the puppies are now yawning and along with that comes the distinctive smell of Puppy Breath!  Another change is that the puppies are able to lift themselves up on their back legs a bit, which means they are pretty much walking. Not a very coordinated walk, but they can manage a few steps. And that brings us to the other new development.....walking away from the group to..um, ah....poop. They no longer rely on Lupine to stimulate that function. And so begins the messy stage.....(for us). Lupine is still doing the bulk of the cleaning up, but when she is not in the box....well, you can probably imagine. We are now putting a puppy "pee pad" in one corner of the box to take advantage of their desire to "go" away from their sleeping area and encourage them to use that corner.

The week started with yet another manicure in order to keep sharp puppy nails under control.

Lupine has started to take longer breaks away from the puppies and resume a few of her regular activities. She comes on short walks with the other dogs, but never wants to be gone for very long. Her appetite is completely back (and more) and she's now eating four big meals a day.

Week Two begins - more sleeping and eating.
Assuming the typical flatcoat sleeping position - upsidedown. Look! We now fill the box!
October 8th

A few new developments are taking place in the whelping box. Yesterday all the puppies started walking quite effectively. They also seem to be noticing eachother and interacting with eachother a little bit (other than simply using their littermates as pillows). Then today, we noticed that some of the puppies' eyes are starting to open. Just a crack, but they will gradually be open more and more over the next few days.

More napping,,, Huxley would like to wish his puppies and all their fans a Happy Thanksgiving!
October 10th

So many new developments and so little time to write about them all!  By the 9th, all the puppies had their eyes open to some degree. Today when we look in the whelping box, we see 18 twinkling eyes looking back. They probably can't actually see very much just yet or make any sense of what they are seeing, but that will change soon.

The puppies are getting so big that they barely fit under the pig rail anymore, and they kept hitting their heads on it, so it has now been removed. Everyone seems to prefer that arrangement, especially Lupine, who has a bit more room to stretch out now.

Yesterday for the first time, we noticed that the puppies woke up and started walking around when we entered the room without Lupine. They are really starting to notice us as well as their mother. It must be mostly based on smell, as they can't hear yet.

This morning, Lupine was snoozing outside the whelping box and several puppies escaped from the box to find her. Now we have put the door in the whelping box, so that they cannot get out.

So, why is it that the liver puppies and the black puppies always seem to segregate themselves this way? Especially amazing given that they can't see.....
The whole gang, almost two weeks old Sleepy Loopy
End of Week Two: We ate, we slept, we grew, we WALKED!
We have a couple of large plush candy canes that the puppies just love to snuggle up against.