December 17, 2007

Huxley's daugher, Marlene (Kippenhill Too Cool to Care) finished her American Championship in style. She finished by winning a third major from the Bred-by-Exhibitor class at the Southern Skies FCRSA Supported Entry in Florida. Congratulations to Marlene and her owners Donna and Bill!

October - November, 2007

We have been hearing from lots of our puppy owners about their hunting adventures this fall. Indy, Tima, Macleod, Sam, Wally, Rosie and Maxx have all been out hunting for pheasants this year.

Rosie, Jen and Andy had a very successful pheasant hunting season. Jen writes "So to sum up, she did wonderful. She's very energetic, very attentive, very birdy and very steady. She's a joy to hunt with. She needs more practice marking in the really heavy cover, but she's really good at hunting for them when she doesn't nail the mark. She even tracked her first cripple a short distance and brought it in alive. We're delighted. So is she. She loves to hunt!"
Macleod and Tima travelled all the way to Oregon to hunt pheasants. Peter tells us that the dogs worked very hard, but the burrs were awful!

Oct 28, 2007

Annie finished her Junior Hunter title, so she is now Blazingstar Beaufort JH CD CGC. Katy writes "Today the test was one of the hardest Juniors I have seen, complicated by 35 mph winds that blew the live flyers everywhere. Again, she was absolutely the best when they set up a very technical water series. She was the only dog to not run the bank at all - in fact, when her flyer dropped way out of the zone, she went considerably out of her way to backtrack to be sure she DIDN’T run the bank. I was so proud of her! She was really on this weekend, literally stepping on her marks."

Congratulations to Annie, Katy and Brian!

Lupine and Andy had a successful opening day for upland birds in October

Oct , 2007

Rod informed us that Lindy passed her Canine Good Neighbour test back in August - very impressive for such a young dog!  The CGN tests involves various exercises that test a dog's skills and manners in everyday situations. The exercises include - being left with a stranger for 3 minutes (without jumping all over the stranger!), going through a doorway in a polite fashion, walking past other dogs, recalls with distractions and allowing strangers to pet and brush the dog.

Congratulations Rod and Lindy!

Oct 13 & 14, 2007

Annie (Blazingstar Beaufort CD CGC) entered her first hunt tests, in Tennessee. Katy writes "Annie passed both Junior tests easily, including a VERY tough test yesterday in 87 degree heat. The judges used the same test for Junior as they had for Senior the day before, just without a blind. Annie got a crippled runner; she went right to the mark, chased it down, and brought it back like an old pro! Pretty impressive for a youngster her age."

Congratulations AGAIN to Annie, Katy and Brian!

Sept 22 & 23, 2007

Annie (Blazingstar Beaufort CD CGC) entered her first field tests, passed both of them and came home with two UKC Started Retriever ribbons.

Katy writes "when I ran Annie on land she did a really nice job, punching some quite heavy cover. On water, the marks were very long marks (125 yards) in open water. But she was the ONLY dog who didn’t cheat and run the bank".

Congratulations Annie, Katy and Brian! 

Roekkr (Ch Blazingstar Longspur at Labrys AmWC) passed his Canadian Working Certificate in Manitoba (twice!), despite having his rear foot bandaged for a toe injury. Congratulations to Roekkr, Joey and Linda!

Lindy taking the Canine Good Neighbour test on Vancouver Island

Sept 15, 2007

Sam (Blazingstar Bobolink JH) is on a role.....he passed his Working Certificate this weekend. Congratulations again to Sam, Sylvia and J!

Sept 1 -3, 2007

It was a good weekend for Blazingstar dogs.

On Vancouver Island, Sam (Blazingstar Bobolink) gained his Junior Hunter title in three straight passes.  We are very proud of Sam and his owners Sylvia and J. CONGRATULATIONS!

In Illinois, Annie (Blazingstar Beaufort CD CGC) won Best of Breed over a champion dog. She now has 7pts towards her championship.

Sam, holding all three of his Junior Hunter ribbons
Annie, in a field of Blazingstar (which is much, much bigger than the Blazingstar species we get here in Alberta!)

August 18 & 19, 2007

We took three dogs to the Labrador Retriever Club of Alberta's Working Certificate tests near Calgary. Both Lupine and Pipit passed their Working Certificates. Tally competed in the Working Certificated Intermediate, but she did not pass :-(

Andy took many photos of the dogs at the tests. You can see them here.

August 3, 2007

Roekkr (Ch Blazingstar Longspur at Labrys Am WC) won Best Opposite Puppy in Sweepstakes at the Canadian National Specialty in Quebec City. Congratulations to Roekkr and owners, Joey and Linda - we are very proud of your success!

July 22, 2007

Annie (Blazingstar Beaufort CD CGC) had a good weekend in the show ring in the U.S. She now has 5 points towards her American championship - congratulations to Annie and her owners, Katy and Brian!

Pipit and Lupine with their WC ribbons.

July 14, 2007

Roekkr (Ch Blazingstar Longspur at Labrys Am WC) got 3 points towards his American championship on the weekend, at the Duluth shows. Congratulations Joey, Linda and Roekkr!

July 7, 2007

Annie (Blazingstar Beaufort) finished her American CD from the Novice B class, in three straight tries! Her 2nd leg came with a 4th place to boot. Annie is only 9 months old!  An incredible achievement for such a young dog. Congratulations to her owners, Katy and Brian Abrell in Indiana. We are very proud of you!

June 22-24, 2007

It was a good weekend for Blazingstar dogs in the show ring and we have two new champions to celebrate.

In Ontario, Roekkr (Blazingstar Longspur at Labrys) finished his Championship.

Here at home, Tinbie (Blazingstar Tinbergen) finished his championship at the Lethbridge show from the 6-9 month puppy class.

Lupine made a good effort in very hot weather in open obedience, but we failed in both trials :-(

Maxx (Blazingstar Banting) came to visit for the show and he had fun getting re-acquainted with his brother Tinbie.

Annie is now Blazingstar Beaufort CD CGC.

June 9-16, 2007

We travelled all the way to Minnesota for the FCRSA National Specialty with Tinbie, Pipit and Tally. Unfortunately Tally was not able to show as she had to be spayed just a couple of weeks beforehand. But she seemed to enjoy the trip anyway. The heat was a bit more than we are used to, but it was a great event. We met up with relatives, Annie, Roekkr, Wally and Kitty. Our dogs had some good success at the specialty show:

Roekkr (Blazingstar Longspur at Labrys) passed his Working Certificate and also won a Judges Award of Merit in the Unsteady Singles competition.

Annie (Blazingstar Beaufort CGC) got her first CD obedience leg in the Novice B class (amazing for an 8 month old puppy!).

Tinbie placed 2nd in the 6-9 month puppy dog sweeps class (in a class of 18)

Pipit placed 2nd in the 12-15 month bitch puppy sweeps class (in a class of 17).

Roekkr won the 12-15 month dog puppy sweeps class (in a class of 17). Wally (Blazingstar Snow Bunting) had never even been to a show before but showed beautifully and made the cut in his sweeps class! Thanks to Cheri White for showing Wally.

In the regular classes, both Roekkr and Pipit made the cut in their huge classes (20 and 23 dogs respectively).

Pipit in the 12-18 month class
Annie in the 6-9 month sweeps class
Wally in the 12-15 month sweeps class
Tinbie in the 6-9 month sweeps class
Roekkr in the 12-18 month class
Tinbie in the 6-9 month class
Wow, look at all the ribbons won by Blazingstar dogs! We were very flattered to have done so well.
Visiting Badlands National Park on the way home
Andy and Tinbie go shopping for hunting and outdoor gear at Cabelas.
Liz leads Tinbie home after a long and exceedingly hot week in Minnesota....

May 25-27, 2007

We had some successes at the Moose Jaw, SK show, plus we got to visit with Maxx and his owners.

Pipit finished her championship on the Friday, by winning best of breed and a Sporting Group 4th! We moved her up to the champion class on Saturday and she won another Group 4th. Begbie was Winners Dog on Friday and Best of Breed on Sunday. He then went on to win a Sporting Group 3rd. Begbie now has 9pts towards his championship - just one more to go!

Tinbie was Winners Dog on Saturday and won Best Puppy in Sporting Group all three days.

May 9, 2007

We showed one day at the Medicine Hat show. Begbie was Winners Dog/Best of Opposite and Pipit was Best of Winners/Best of Breed.

Pipit finishes her championship with a Sporting Group 4th

May 2007

Begbie (Blazingstar Brown Willet) came to stay for a couple of weeks for some showing and to get his eyes tested. We enjoyed having him to stay. Thank-you to Kim and Will for letting us borrow him!

Tinbie wins Best Puppy in Sporting Groups three times

February 9-11, 2006
Roekkr (Blazingstar Longspur at Labrys) had a good weekend at his first show. He won 3 championship points and a Best Puppy in Group under judge Larry Kereluke. Congratulations to Roekkr, Joey & Linda!! That is Blazingstar's first Puppy Group win!

February 2-4, 2007
We went to the Alberta Kennel Club show and Flat-coated Retriever Society of Alberta's regional specialty show in Calgary with Pipit and Tally. Maggio and Indy joined us.

Indy had a very excellent weekend in the obedience ring. It was his first obedience trial and he qualified in each of the three trials with very high scores, getting his CD and "High Aggregate Score in Trial"! Congratulations to Indy, Katheryn, Brad and Christina! We are very proud of them.

In conformation, we also did quite well:
Friday AKC - Pipit was Best of Opposite, Best Puppy and Best of Winners for 3 championship points. Indy was Reserve Winners Dog.
Saturday AKC (FCRSA Booster) - Tally was Best of Opposite
Saturday Flat-coated Retriever Society of Alberta Specialty - Pipit was Best Puppy in Sweepstakes, Tally was Best of Opposite, Pipit was Reserve Winners Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed.
Sunday AKC (FCRSC Booster) - Tally was Best of Opposite, Indy was Winners Dog and Best of Winners for 3pts, Pipit was Reserve Winners Bitch and Maggio was Best Puppy in Breed.

January, 2006
Pipit and Tinbie went to a fun match show near Lethbridge. It was Tinbie's first time wearing a show leash and he surprised us all by winning the sporting group!
Indy - Blazingstar Brown Ruff CD WC - winning High Aggregate Score in Trial!
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