Jerry Proppe
I have a lot of different interests,..I like being creative,...building things,..maybe that’s why making music is so rewarding. You start with a blank page, and little by little you craft a new song.

Most of my songs are about our  creator, and the creator’s incredible love for us through the greatest song of all,..His son Jesus Christ.

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jerry’s hovercrafts
When I was younger, I was in a couple of local bands; Harvest, and Middleman.  Later on I was a solo artist for about 10 years, traveling the country in an old Chevy truck loaded with lights, P.A., and lots of MIDI gear.  
Since then, I have been on staff at Brentview Baptist Church , leading worship for the last 10 years,..and enjoying it immensely.
I am married to Christine, and we have three wonderful kids.