Jerry Proppe
Middleman Productions has been producing albums for over 20 years.
The current studio is based around an Apple G5 ,with  an RME Fireface 800 interface, and TLA, and Daking preamps.  Great mics; a Neuman U-47, AKG 414’s, 460’s,  Shure 57’s, an ATM 4041, and ATM25)
Yamaha NS-10M and JBL 4311 monitors.
I used to have a mixing board, but eventually gave it up, and I mix “ in the box”.
I am an devoted user of Logic Pro 7, I also have the Waves Renaissance plug-ins, Quantum Leap Platinum Orchestra, Chris Hein Horns, RMX Stylus, and the Quantum Leap  Choir.
I am adept at programming, recording, arranging,...what ever your musical needs are.
The studio features  ‘floating’ rooms,  wide band absorbers,  custom made ‘RPG” diffusers, tube traps, and  helmholz resonators.
I have recorded a lot of albums for a lot of people over the years,.... check out the Artists page for a list.
I also teach a Music and Technology course at Rocky Mountain College
Call me for studio rates and info.
Control Room
Control Room
Trusty Speakers
Trusty Keyboard
Daking, Fireface,..
Tube Preamp
Tube Compressor
Super Jupiter
Synth Rack
Studio Diffusors
Old School
Very Old School
First Synth
First Reverb
RCA Ribbon
Old School Recorders
Control Room
Control Room
Yamaha C3
Yamaha C7
Mark Hendriks
Kirby Sewell, 
& Amos Garrett
Gavin Sorochan
Brent Saklofske
future studio drummer