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Winter Hovering!

UH-10T2/F on the frozen Bearspaw Resevoir

The Uh-10T2/F on the frozen Bearspaw Resevoir


Wow!  this is so much fun on the ice,...and fast!
I really enjoy winter hovering, but the technique is a little different.
You don't have to drain the skirt for one thing, and stopping takes much longer,..plan ahead.
A few times my thrust motor stalled, and I had no steering control, just drifting along with no control,..scary.

I also built a windshield for the winter, and I'm glad I did. It's very cold. I'm pretty certain I can hit 35 mph, maybe faster. I am going to borrow a GPS to find out what the top speed is.

The other day I went out while there was a skiff of fluffy snow. That made it nearly impossible to see. The windshield froze up, and I couldn't see through these old goggles I found. I almost frost bit my face peering over the windshield. Also, the blowing snow was getting into the carburator and icing it up.
It's better when the snow is packed down a bit and not so fluffy. With the right conditions, you can go very fast.

Some pictures:

Hovering with the family dog
Hovering with the family dog:



Winter Hovering
In the background, this shot also shows the path I use to take my hover down to the resevoir.
I put it on hover, and walk it down, I lift up the nose to slow it down. On the way up, I walk beside it and use the thrust motor. It's too steep to carry me.

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