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Here is a shot of the engine stand. Below it is the idler pulley tensioner

engine stand

Here is a variator that I got out of an old John Deer garden tractor. I hope to be able to use this in the UH-16S. It will be mounted below the front of the engine stand. The center of the variator moves freely on the shaft. As you move the variator in one direction or the other, one pulley gets smaller as
the other side gets bigger. It's pretty simple, I thought it would be much more complicated.


Here are the prop hubs I ordered from UH. They look great, but with the exchange rate on the Canadian dollar, and the duty, brokerage, shipping,..
I should have made them myself, even out of sprockets and hubs.

prop hubs

Here is my improved hot foam cutter. It  works great.
hot wire cutter

I used a dimmer switch to control the voltage to a 25 volt transformer. There is a 5 amp fuse in line. The cutter, is a piece of EMT with spark plugs for insulators,
and a spring for tension. The wire is a guitar string, E or B.

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