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Here is the foam: 4' x 16', 2 pieces of 4", and 2 pieces of 6". The odd shaped cuts in the 6 " piece will form the cockpit, lift fan, etc.

foam parts

Here are the 4 pieces laid together The 2 pieces of 1 x 4 at the back are to support the engine stand.
My floor wasn't quite straight, so I had to uses some spacers to make sure the hull was glued together straight.

uh16 hull

Here we are gluing the pieces together

gluing the hull toether

Here is the vacuum bagging process. The breather blankets allow the air to move inside the bag. The network of pipes is vacu-flow hardware, with little holes drilled along the pipes, and end caps on the pipes. The vacuum cleaner is a small shop vac. You have to make sure it gets some air, because that's how the motor cools off.

vacuum bag

40 lbs on the bathroom scale under the plastic! Assuming that the scale is about a square foot, that's about 5000 lbs across the surface of the foam!

40 lbs on the bathroom scale

Here are the results of the first vacuum bagging session

uh16 hull glued together

Next we glued the top layer of plywood, and sides to the hull.

uh16hull with top layer of plywood

Then I started to work on the underside.

uh16hull underside

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