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Hull Construction

The inside of the hull looking back . I decided to put a rear storage space behind the rear seat back.
There will be 3" of foam, covered with skirt material for the seats.

Here is the access for the joystick. The belts will run up the  trough to the lift fan in the front.
uh16 lift duct construction

The engine stand will be above this, and the belts will go to the front of the craft throughout this hole.

belt access

Here is how the lift duct is shaping up.
lift duct

I am going to paint the craft yellow with a blue skirt. I know there are other crafts on the internet with the same colour scheme, but we will never meet. Also, these colours are readily available.
The yellow paint is 'marine paint', a polyurethane paint. There is a coat of 'plastic primer' underneath it. It is zylene based, and dries very fast.
I painted the attach strip, so I can attach the skirt before moving ahead.

painted corner

Some neighbours helped me flip the craft, and set it upside down on the cockpit, so I could attach the skirt. I also finished attaching the bearing mounts in the lift duct, (the circular pieces in the middle of the duct).

skirt installation

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