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Hull Construction

The hovercraft is getting near it's final shape The duct is in place, and the cockpit is shaping up as well.
Duct In Place  

Here is the engine roughly in place. I had to do some thinking about what height the center of the duct should be from the deck.
Eventually you just have to make your best guess and go for it. The duct is just sitting there right now, the thrust prop shaft is  centering it.

engine on stand

I also have to build some guards for the lift and thrust. I puzzled about how to mount it, and came up with its solution. It's pretty pointless

to mount your guards on the surface of your ducts, after you spend all the time to create an aerodynamic surface, so I try to keep the guards off the surface of the ducts.

lift guard

I'm jumping ahead here somewhat, I've got other pictures, just not sure where they are right now.
I primed the craft with a plastic primer. This was so that the final Marine Enamel would stick to the fiberglassed parts better.
The beauty of the plastic primer is that it dries super fast, the down side is that it really smells bad,..where a mask for sure.
I thought about using an air sprayer, but opted to roll it instead. Less  ihasslen masking off my garage. I'm quite happy with the results.

primed uh-16s

The final paint. My apologies to other yellow and blue crafts, but these combinations of colours are readily available, and I like the boldness. Also the lighter colour is to protect the foam construction from the heat of the sunlight. 

  yellow 16s

Another shot from the rear.  It's very bright and the marine enamel looks great.

  yellow 16s rear

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