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Hull Construction

I have achieved two of the last major goals; I have hovered! and hooked up the thrust prop as well,..
that amounts to traveling about six inches to the freezer!
UH-16S almost done

  Here are a couple of shots of my 'John Deere' variator. It comes out of an old John Deere garden tractor.

I still need to do some tweaking to get the belts lined up exactly, but it does work. You can raise and lower the craft by moving the variator.
variator in the craft  

Here is where I put the fuel pump. It is out of the same Subaru as the engine.
fuel pump

Here is the front lift guard, followed by the rear thrust guard
front lift guard

rear guard

Here is a shot from the back (rudders are off) The thrust prop was surprisingly quiet. I didn't rev it up to high. You can also see
the rad just in front of the prop. I decided against the Soob rad, because it's a bit too big, and you would have to cross the hoses
to hook it up (because it's now behind the motor). After much searching I found the perfect rad; smaller, light, proper hose orientation,..
from a BMW! I couldn't believe there are cars like this at the wreckers!

rear of almost complete UH16S

I still need to build a trailer, finish some wiring, and put the vinyl top on. I think I am also going to move the muffler,
as it appears to be too close to the  duct. Then there is the little problem of the trailer!

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