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Deck and Cockpit

hovercraft with sides on

Here you can see the sides being attached to the deck and the lift duct. I used little blocks to hold it in place until the epoxy hardened.
The brad nailer is so useful for this. You can tack blocks and strips of wood quickly, without another person helping.
Afterwards, just remove the blocks,  and fill the tiny holes. This was also good for nailing the 3/4" stringers to the edge of the
cockpit, afterwards i just pulled the nails out, so that I could quickly router a 1/4" round edged on the corners.

hovercraft deck and cockpit from the back
This is the view from the back. The motor will be sitting right on the back of the cockpit.

rear of cockpit
Another view of the back. I tried to show the angle of the back of the cockpit here, The motor
is actually hanging out  into the thrust duct a bit. I think this is to allow more airflow
around the bottom of the cockpit where it meets the deck. I am thinking of fashioning a rounded  trailing edge
for the back of the cockpit.

Here is the the craft with the upper cockpit roughly in place. I wet the plywood a bit first, bent it over the styrofoam
and tacked in place to the cockpit. Again the brad nailer is great for this. There is no way you could be nailing
this stuff with a hammer, although you could use a screw gun ,but it would leave bigger holes.

lift duct with engine mounts and  extra foam  wrapping

It's starting to look like something! That's the thrust duct sitting in place, and a future hovercraft pilot
trying it out.

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