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Thrust Duct, Props and Fans

The thrust duct was built on an 1/8" plywood cylinder, on  3' plywood disks, mounted to
a 1" shaft, on some pillow block bearings on my workbench.
I turned it with a 16" homemade pulley, using a furnace motor.
The foam is 3/4 " with slots cut in it to make the bend, glued on one layer at a time
with epoxy. There are three layers.
I have video footage (not on this site) of me lathing this with a chisel, and the foam is flying everywhere,
messy but fun.

Thrust duct mounted on the work bench

Here is the finished duct mounted on the work bench. I made a couple of handles out
of some lengths of garden house, to facilitate easier removal and handling of the duct.
The shaft is from the scrap yard, ($8.00) and to fasten it to the shaft, I made to litlle brackets out of tin,
and clamped them to a pice of rubber inner tube around the shaft, and used a hose clamp to tighten it.
I  used the hub and H bushing for my prop  to fasten my home made pulley to the shaft.

lift fans

Two lift fans. The one on the bottom was the first one I made for my UH-6F. I fashioned  it
out of  a solid piece of 2 x 6, using the plans I bought for
 the Pegasus from R.Q. Riley.  It actually worked okay, but then I got the prop templates
from Universal Hovercraft, and I made the four blade lift fan, which seemed much smoother.
I made two  lift fans at the same time. One is a 24-14, and the other a 24-16.
 My thinking is that when I get a bigger motor for my UH-6F, I'll use the
24-16. and I'll transfer the 24-14 to the UH-10T2

thrust prop
I love this epoxy by West Systems. Get it with the pumps. The pumps are  calibrated for
1 pump of each, and away you go. I use these little rollers that painters use for touch ups,
they're cheap, and you just throw them out after.

On the window sill, is my 36" thrust prop, waiting to be glassed and balanced.

Tecumseh 10hp  sitting in place

Here is a shot of the back showing the supports, with the engine roughly in place. The duct
has had a piece cut off the bottom (carefully), and is ready to be glued in place
with lots of 'Great Stuff'. One of my rudders is also sitting there.

Tecumseh 10hp from the front

From the front. I got this motor from a snow blower, with only about 3 hours of use on it.
Of course as soon as we took it apart, we got a major dump of snow,..
sure was a nice snow blower.

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