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Finished Hovercraft

finshed hovercraft

Almost ready. Just a couple of kill switches to install,  a couple more handles, and a few other details. I have had this craft hovering in the garage, and I measured 55 - 60lbs thrust with a bathroom scale against my work bench.
I can't wait to try it out. I just need to finish installing a hitch on my van, and modify a snow mobile trailer.

another shot of the hovercraft

Well I've had the craft on the water a few times now, and what a blast!
There is nothing like gliding over the water, especially in a craft you built yourself!

It  carried myself and my daughter which is about a 275lb payload,
and it seems quite fast, although I can't say for sure what that speed is,.. probably about 30mph.

 I was having a bit of trouble draining the skirt and getting on hover,
but I found that  my lift engine was only peaking at 2200rpm which is too low, so I am in the midst of
installing another lift engine. It cost me $15.00 from a lawn mower repair shop!

I also built another thrust prop which is 36-18 instead of 36-22. This lets the thrust engine rev higher as well.

I have some better photo's coming, but for now the ones from the disposable camera will have to do.


This is myself having fun on the water

My daughter age 10

My daughter and I  took a trip up the river. What great fun to be going up current.
Then we found we couldn't hover going back down. I found out after
that  one of my previous drainage holes had opened up and was scooping water.
This with a lift engine that wouldn't rev up, impaired the crafts ability to get on hover going down stream.
We just floated back.

I can't wait to try out the new lift engine.

See ya later!

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