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August 2001,..disappointment

The new lift engine works great, I have to throttle right back on the lift or I get too much spray.
I took the craft with us for holidays in the Shuswap in British Columbia,  Canada, and I had a lot of fun on the
Shuswap river, I learned to do 360's, and had a great time,... until....
I was on the Shuswap lake near Salmon Arm,. I was cruising along the shoreline, there was a big noise,...
and there was my prop in pieces, with bits strewn over the water.

Talk about disappointment, I had a spare prop, but engine shaft broke off,
so there was no way to fix it  until I got home 10 long days later.

broken prop with the damaged hovercraft

Here you can see the damaged prop, along with the missing duct support just to the left of the prop.
The guard and duct did their intended job of containing the damage, as the prop did not leave the duct.
( I propped it up in front for the picture)
damaged support , and guard mount torn off

This shows where the prop tore through the support and broke off the guard mount.

damage to the thrust duct

Looking forward from the back, you can see where the prop tore a hunk out of the duct.

broken engine shaft

The end of all my fun!

My theory is:

I have purchased a crank with a 1" shaft, and I am underway with my craft repairs.
I am anxious to get back on the water.


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