Different writers and pencillers represent the Joker in many different ways. He may have the personality of a prankster or a cold blooded killer. He has looked like anything from a thin clown to the star attraction of a horror flick. Here are a few of the more recent portrayals of our favorite villian.

"It's quite possible we may be looking at some kind of super-sanity here.A brilliant new modifacation of human perception. More suited to urban life at the end of the twentieth century. The Joker seems to have no control over the sensory information he's receiving from the outside world. He can only cope with that chaotic barrage of input by going with the flow.

That's why some days he's a mischeivious clown, others a psychopathic killer. He has no real personality. He creates himself each day. He sees himself as the lord of misrule and the world as a theatre of the absurd. "

~Dr. Ruth Adams, Pyschotherapist at Arkham Asylum~

Batman:The Killing Joke

"There's no difference between me and everyone else. All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man to lunacy. That's how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day."

~The Joker~

Batman:Long Halloween

Batman"You're insane."

Joker"Has it really taken you this long to notice?"

Spiderman and Batman

Carnage"You get the joke!"

Joker"What joke..?"

Carnage"That life is utterly meaningless...Totally absurd...And madness is the only sane response."

Joker"Oh...That joke."