Throughout his existence, the Joker has managed to make several people's lives miserable. I don't have room or time to list them all here, although I will try to add more as time goes on. For the moment, however, I bring you a list of some of the more prominent citizens of Gotham who's lives have irrevocably changed by the Joker. I haven't listed Batman because it would take a gigabyte to list all the ways the Joker's messed with his head.


Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

The daughter of Commisioner Gordon had hung up her bat suit and decided to proceed with her own life. She was having coffee with her father one evening, discussing the Joker's recent escape from Arkham Asylum. The door bell rang. Thinking it was a friend, Barbara opened the door without checking the peep hole. She recognized the Joker a split second before he shot her in the midsection. He then proceded to remove her clothing and take several pictures of her decrepit state while sipping a glass of wine. Barbara was found by a neighbour and rushed to hospital. The doctored bullet had blown away a section of her spine and despite the best medical treatment,she was pronounced paralyzed from the waist down. Perhaps the hardest part of Barbara's ordeal was that she was shot as the daughter of Gotham's Police Chief, not Batgirl. Despite all her efforts to stop crime, she was still better known as the commisioner's kid. Barbara eventually adapted to life in a wheelchair and, using her computer and librarian skills, became the all knowing Oracle. She is presently working with Black Canary to stop any and all kinds of international crime.

Dick Grayson/ Robin I/ Nightwing

The first Robin and Batman were pursuing the Joker after his escape from Arkham. They eventually cornered him on a rooftop and prepared to bring him in. The Joker pulled a gun and shot Robin through the upper right arm before either hero could react. While the wound was not all that serious, it made Batman question the wisdom of putting Dick in dangerous situaltions as his sidekick. He resolved his dilemma by telling Dick he could no longer be Robin. Dick was devestated and left on a sort of journey of self discovery. After a stint as leader of the Teen Titans, he eventually became Nightwing. While he and Bruce have managed to patch things up, there is still tension between them. Who knows what road Dick's life might have taken had the Joker not made his mortality painfully clear.

Jason Todd/ Robin II

This one takes a little more explaining. It takes place in various thrid world countries where the Joker is planning to sell a cruise missile to a militaristic Arab faction and Jason Todd is looking for the mother he never knew. Being impulsive, Jason had ran off without Batman and gotten himself in a load of trouble. After eliminating three other women as possibilities, Jason finally found his mother in Ethiopia. Problem was, she was connected with the Joker, against her will of course. While the Joker was her enemy, she immediately turned her son over to him out of fear. Joker had the time of his life beating the crap out of Jason and finally locking him in a room with a bomb and his mother. With no way out and death inevitable, Jason attempted to die nobly, throwing himself on the bomb to shield his mother. Batman arrives to find them both dead.

Our friend the Joker however was in much better shape. After meeting with the Ayatollah, the Joker is given full diplomatic immunity (why they made an insane clown a diplomat we'll never know). It is only after his attempt to kill the entire UN with joker gas is defeated by Superman that Batman is allowed to lay a hand on him. Bats was shot in the arm and the Joker in the head, but as the saying goes-"No one EVER dies in acomic book" Unfortunatly, that statement does not apply to Jason Todd.

Actually, it was not the Joker who killed Robin, but the fans themselves. The issue containing his death could have gone either way. The issue before was a cliffhanger and gave fans a special number to call to cast their vote. The question- "Should Jason Todd live or die?" By the narrowest of margins, the fans of Batman decided to get rid of his whiny sidekick and move on. And so the Joker was given the priveledge of causing his nemesis a great deal of grief.

Commisioner James Gordon

The Gotham City Police Commisioner was having a pleasant evening with his daughter when the Joker came in a put a hole in her. After allowing Gordon to get a good look at his daughter lying on the floor, bleeding, the Joker and his gang hauled him off to an abandoned amusement park. After stripping him of his dignity (along with his clothing), the Joker took him on a special ride. The ride through the funhouse consisted of various pictures of a naked, bleeding Barbara and an inane song of the Joker's. The point of this exercise was to drive Gordon crazy proving to the world that "ordinary people" and the Joker were not all that different. The plan failed. When the Batman rescued Gordon, the commisioner ordered that he bring in the Joker by the book, "to show him that our way works" The Caped Crusader obliged. This incident is one of the many example of how the Joker has made Jim's life a trial.

Harley Quinn

While some people may contest my calling Harley a victim, they should remember that were it not for the Joker, her life would be very different right now. Harlene Quinzelle was a competent psychiatrist working in Arkham Asylum. After working there a brief time, she discovered a particularily fascinating patient. The Joker, realizing the interest he held for Harlene began to manipulate her into seeing him as a victim of circumstances. After a few months, Harlene felt only compassion for the maniac under her supervision. The next time the Joker escaped(notice how all these stories involve the Joker escaping from Arkham), Batman returned him in such condition as to infuriate Harley. This is what snapped her mind and led her to break the Joker out of Arkham as his sidekick, Harley Quinn.