McCaw's Drilling & Blasting headquarters, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

McCaw's Drilling & Blasting Ltd. Was formed in 1977 to utilize the expertise of the owners and associated employees in the field of rock drilling and blasting.

Since that time, McCaw's has pioneered a number of drill and blast methods. Specialty work includes controlled blasting, monitored blasting and marine rock blasting. During the past five years the company has utilized these specialty methods across Canada, the Canadian Arctic and the United States on highway. River, quarry, piling and pioneering projects.

In the late seventies, an opportunity arose to move into the field of anchor and grouting work. Since that time the McCaw's fleet of hydraulic overburden and down-the-hole hammer drilling equipment has increased to six completely self-efficient units. Some projects completed with this equipment include the Dickson Dam, Nipawin Hydro Project, Rodgers Pass Railroad

and the early warning system in the Baffin Islands.

Groundtech Drilling Products Ltd. was established in 1984 to unite the equipment and drilling expertise of the European drilling market with that of the North American market. The company continues to supply equipment and tooling to this market.

In 1988, McCaw's Drilling (USA) Inc. was registered in the United States. A number of anchor and drill blast contracts have already been completed.

McCaw's companies are committed to the safety of their employees and they continue to maintain an excellent and on-going safety record and safety program.

By maintaining a well serviced fleet of equipment and trained personnel, the companies will endeavor to continue providing service to small and large projects throughout North America.