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Introducing the
Medi-Dart Crossbow

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Ordering Information

You can order MEDI-DART either by mail or phone. MEDI-DART ships via UPS so please supply an address that goes directly to your door. Make certified cheques or money orders payable to MEDI-DART. If ordering by phone or fax, see the contact information for phone numbers. Please contact us and see if there is a dealer near you.

Dealer inquiries are welcome.

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The Medi-Dart extension kit is now available at:
Alleinvertrieb in Deutschland:
A. Albrecht GmbH+Co.
Veterinaer-medizinische Erzeugnisse
Hauptstr. 6-8
D-88326 Aulendorf/Wuertt.
Tel.: 07525-2050
Fax.: 07525-7005