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Medi-Dart Testimonials

Picture of Greg Butterfield Steer Wrestling"I have been using the bow and arrow style Medi-Dart for treating my pasture cattle for two summers. I find it saves me time and is easier on the cattle. The Medi-Dart is well made and very durable. It's also simple to use and very easy to maintain."

Cattle Producer and Three-Time Canadian Steer Wrestling Champion

Greg Butterfield's Signature

Greg Butterfield

Ron Dietrich

  1. The Medi-Dart crossbow has revolutionized our animal herd health program.
    The economic benefits of being able to treat a sick animal in it's home pen as soon as it is spotted is obvious.
  2. The Medi-Dart is so easy to use, we find ourselves treating animals with symptoms not yet serious enough for a trip to the sick pen. If we see an animal with a sloppy nose, we can easily treat it sooner with a lower cost drug before more serious illness develops. This Illness Prevention Plan often eliminates the need for higher priced drugs. The cost of labour to move sick animals to a sick pen can often be triple the cost of the drugs. The cost of the added stress of moving cattle into a strange area, the physical exertion, and the excitement of the chute system all works against their natural immune system. If an animal isn't getting sick, it doesn’t stop growing.
  3. When shot with the Medi-Dart, the animal jumps or bucks a couple of times, but as soon as the dart drops off, the animal resumes life as usual in it's familiar environment. By reducing the stress to a few seconds, the stress level is reduced exponentially compared to the stress caused by sorting a sick animal out of the pen. When sorting off the sick animal, the healthy ones are also
    disturbed. By medicating the sick animal with the Medi-Dart, undue stress on healthy animals is kept to a minimum.
  4. Another big advantage of the Medi-Dart is the ability to isolate different disease outbreaks to the original pen. Cross contamination between pens has been minimized by reducing the traffic through a common sick pen. When using the Medi-Dart, cattle are not returning from a sick pen carrying a whole new set of germs gathered from other sick animals from other pens back to infect the original pen. Some pens remain relatively disease free when not frequently exposed to fresh carriers returning from the sick pen.
  5. Yet another advantage we find is the ability (especially in the summer months) to maintain larger pens with more cattle in each pen, up to 600 head in 7 acre paddocks. With an intensive ear tagging program accurate health records can still be maintained while using the Medi-Dart to treat in the home pen.
  6. Medi-Dart is an excellent tool. We have found it to be effective, easy to use, labour and stress reducing, and backed up with excellent after sales service. I have no hesitation in recommending the Medi-Dart crossbow. This is the way we treat our cattle.

Ron Dietrich
President Excellerator Genetics International
Excellerator Genetics Foundation Herd and Bull Test Station
6000 Head/Year Background Operation
Moosomin, Sask. Canada

David C. Smith

Dear Medi-Dart,
Your product is COOL! I've doctored about 70 steers with it and it is soooo easy to doctor with. I just grin every time I doctor one. Roping is a favorite past time of mine, but so is making money and staying safe. I don't have to dodge badger holes, ditches and run pounds off my beef.

Even if they are in the corral you don't have to catch them to doctor them. I've thunked the dart into trees and off boards, the cattle have stepped on them, they hold up real well.

Thanks, wish I would of thought of it.
David C. Smith
Wayan, Idaho

David W. Lowe

I just wanted to let you know that after reading the directions and testing the crossbow on a big bale of hay I went to try it out on cows. We had several cows limping in a pasture without corrals. I was so happy when the Medi-Darts worked exactly as described and automatically ejected itself from the cows after the antibiotic had been injected.

We are looking for others to doctor now since it is so easy and actually fun.


David W. Lowe
Sedan, KS

Chris Pallister

I have had my Medi-Dart Crossbow four years now and I am still impressed with the job it does. Whether it is treating foot rot on pasture or shipping fever in calves, the Medi-Dart pays for itself time and time again with the reduced stress on the animal.

In our operation we co-mingle calves from numerous sources when putting a pen together. The Medi-Dart has allowed us to keep on top of any possible health problems and our death loss is well below the industry standard.

I would recommend the Medi-Dart crossbow to anyone who wants to make treating cattle easier on themselves and the animal.

Chris Pallister
Dundalk, Ontario, Canada

Kel Anderson

Your Medi-Dart is the best thing i have came across in the cattle business. My time is limited, as is everybody's. When I would find a sick cow or calf, I would have to go home, get a horse, possibly help, or move herd 2 miles to a corral, to treat the sick one; or go home, get a horse, come back to pasture, move cows to a pasture with trees, rope the cow, tie her to a tree, then doctor. Last year I gave over 50 shots with the Medi-Dart bow and arrow. It worked perfect. I have now moved up to a Medi-Dart cross-bow, and i think it will be even handier to use. 

kel anderson
Alta, Iowa

JD Cattle Co.

We purchased a dart pole system from Medi-Dart at the Black Hills Stock Show about nine years ago, and have been very pleased with the results. The first summer we had the Medi-Dart we had a heifer with foot rot swim across a sandpit after we had darted her. The dart came out and floated to the edge of the water, when she went into the water we were sure the dart was lost forever. The best thing about the Medi-Dart system is that it holds enough vaccine that you only have to dart the animal one time to get the right dosage instead of having to catch up with them two or three times. We are so impressed with the results we got from the Medi-Dart that every time one of our neighbors mentioned that they had a sick cow or bull we told them that they could borrow our Medi-Dart and every one of them that used it have asked where to get one. We have sold six of the Medi-Dart pole systems to our neighbors over the last couple years.

Thank you for the wonderful product.

JD Cattle Co.
Oshkosh, NE

Joe Dettling

I have had the Medi-Dart Crossbow for over 4 years now. I could not be happier. I have cattle at five separate locations and very little help. I used to have to round up help, round up the sick cattle and haul them to a head gate. Now I just keep the Medi-Dart Crossbow with me and treat them on the spot.

The new orange darts are much easier to see if dropped in tall grass or mud. The darts do float if dropped in water and they take an unbelievable amount of abuse.

I thank you and my Cattle thank you.

Joe Dettling

Plum City, WI

Troy Olson

The Medi-dart system has been a tremendous asset to our cow-calf operation. We are able to treat lame or sick cows on grass quickly and easily. We no longer have to drive the animal across the pasture to the corral or go get the horses and rope them. Both of those options usually created more harm to the animal. With Medi-dart crossbow, we just drive up to them, shoot, and give them their injection with very little stress. Medi-dart has made the treatment process safer for both the cattle and people.

Troy Olson

Cow-calf producer
Artesian, SD

Dale & Donna Parkin

We just want you to know how much we appreciate our medi-dart crossbow – having had great success with it for the past three years we have no idea how we managed without it.

In the summer our cow-calf pairs are pastured about ten miles from our home quarter (and the nearest chute/headgate system), so it’s only practical that we do any doctoring right in the pasture. On the recommendation of a fellow cattleman we took a medi-dart crossbow for a test drive. We bought one the very same day. It is without question our tool of choice.

On one occasion we had to treat three cows with foot rot, each cow requiring two injections, and we were so impressed when we realized that in just a half hour we were done! The medi-dart crossbow is quick and easy to use, and best of all it is low stress for both the cattle and us.

For our operation the medi-dart crossbow is an effective tool for maintaining herd health and it has proven its value time and time again. Now we are able to easily treat our animals at the very first sign of illness and that is a great feeling.

We highly recommend the medi-dart crossbow and thank you for such an innovative product.

Kindest regards,

Dale & Donna Parkin
Beaver Bluff Cattle Co.
Preeceville, SK

Kevin Amburgey

I was just letting you know how pleased I am with the shaft MediDart, I'm getting my 4th dart. I have 3 cattle farms these darts are as handy as having the bull with the herd, I can not have head catchers at all the farms but with the dart I have cut my loses by 75% or more, I would recommend this to any cattle farmer, my 4th dart is going to be my private stock because all the local farmers borrow mine.


Kevin Amburgey
London, KY