Some of the many things to see in Jasper include:
  • Elk/Wapiti
    Jasper has a robust elk population numbering in the thousands.
    For the best viewing opportunities, visit the park in the summer months to see the big bull elk.

  • Moose
    Moose are abundant throughout the park. Moose are most visible in late spring (June) while they're down in the valley bottoms feeding on the new shrubbery.

  • Deer
    The park is home to both whitetail and mule deer, particularly in spring and summer, but can also be found year-round on the Pyramid Lake Road and in the vicinity of the town.

  • Bighorn Sheep
    Bighorn sheep are abundant throughout the park. The large rams are best viewed in the winter months when they are at lower elevations; in the summer, most of the rams and many of the ewes can be found by hiking into the high alpine meadows in the park.

  • Mountain Goat
    Jasper National Park has a healthy population of mountain goats, and has a number of spots where the goats actually venture down near the roadsides.

  • Caribou
    Mountain caribou are fairly common in Jasper. They are often seen in winter and spring.

  • Wolf
    The park is home to a large healthy wolf population, with a number of packs that roam front country areas and can occasionally be seen by car.

  • Coyote
    Coyotes are fairly common in most areas of the park where there are open meadows and good hunting grounds.

  • Mountain Lion
    The park supports a small population of mountain lions, however, sightings of these wily cats are extremely rare.

  • Black Bear
    Jasper has approximately 300 black bears, making up a large and fairly healthy population. The best times of year to view black bears safely from your car are in spring when they're eating the dandelions along the roadsides, or in summer when they're feasting on berries in the valley bottoms.

  • Grizzly Bear
    Jasper National Park is one of the few wilderness areas left in the world that still supports a large protected population of grizzly bears. Sightings of grizzlies are more common in Jasper than they are in neighbouring Banff National Park. They are unpredictable creatures, so please remain in your vehicle if you do encounter a grizzly.

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