Virtual Tour

Lethbridge Montessori School
9th Street Location
915 - 6th Street South
(just off Scenic Drice)
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada T1J 2E9

parking for pickup and drop off
Front stairs (classrooms upstairs and down)
upstairs classroom

works area
tables set for lunch
reading corner

International flags and dolls teach multicultural values
rear staircase
student art covers all walls

Circle time (downstairs class)
birthday celebrations illustrates how earth moves around the sun once in a year; year=12 months
calendar corner teaches months of the year, days of the week

Preschooler working with cylinders
Practical Life materials teach children about measurement and fine motor skills manipulation
number strings and cubes teach children number concepts

3D Montessori puzzle teaches shape, color, proportion
Montessori materials line most walls
regular toys, games, kits line the walls of the nap room

new playground area developed with help of parents
students on field trip to Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens

Forestry Ave Location