More Short Poems by LMS Children

The Crocodile Poem of Crocodiles
By Upstairs Morning Class

His huge eyes look up and down,
They are like lollipop eyes that swirl.
His eyelashes are like sticks,
They are as green as a frog's.
He is green like a tree,
And green like St. Patrick's Day.
A big mouth and tongue - he bites!
His teeth are sharp like a pointy knife,
And he loves to eat teachers - especially you!

The Seasons
By Kirana (2003)

Spring is here.
Summer is here.
Fall is here.
Winter is here.
And it all starts over again.

By Tigana

A rainbow.
From the princess castle,
It is pink like a princessı dress,
And orange like the sun.
It is yellow like the queenıs dress,
And green like lemons.
It feels mushy like pink and sparkly play-doh,
And sounds like the Pixie Ballerina Princessı singing.
It makes me feel nice inside.

By Samar (2003)

They are black like a pencil.
And black like a box.
They are like a mat.

By Amelia

A pretend egg.
It is pink like a flower dress,
With stripes,
It feels soft like silk,
And it sounds like something inside.