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Archives, Library

Library Archives Canada
Library and Archives Canada
Ancestor Search-Databases
Browse by Type
Canadian Genealogy Center
Directory of Resources
A-Z Index Directory
Search the Database
Births, Deaths, Marriages
Census Records
Immigration Records
Military Records
Canadian Land Records
Employment Records
Research Databases
Canadian Patents 1869-1919
Philatis Postal Archives
Post Office/Managers
Railway Employees
Provincial & Archives/Libraries
Miscellaneous Archive

Archives Canada
Archival Resources-Internet
Archival Resources-A-Z
Canadian Pacific Railway Archives
Canadian War Museum
Glenbow Archives
Hudson's Bay Company Archives
Maritime History Archive
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Vancouver Maritime Museum Archives
General Libraries, Archives

Canadian Library Association
Find an LDS Family History Center
Genealogical Research Library
Hudson's Bay Company Archives
Japanese Canadian Museum
Maritime History Archive
New Brunswick Archives
Nova Scotia Archives
United Church of Canada Archives
Virual Museum of Canada

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Birth, Death,
Marriages Records

BDM by Province
BC Vital Records
MB Vital Records
NB Birth Death Marriage 1800-1955
NB Marriage Bonds 1810-1932
NL Vital Records
NS Vital Records
ON Vital Records
PEI Vital Records
QC Vital Records
SK Vital Records
BC Birth Reg. 1854-1903
BC Deaths 1872-1986,1992-93
BC Marriages 1859-1932; 1937-38
NB Co.Deed Reg.Books 1780-1930
NB Co.Reg.Births 1812-1919
NB Prov. Births/late
NB Marriage Reg. 1789-1889
NB Provincial Marriages 1789-1950
NB Prov.Returns Marriages 1920-1950
NB Prov.Returns Marriage 1887-1919
NB Births-Late Regist. 1810-1899
NB Births, Baptisms 1819-1899
NB Provincial Deaths 1815-1938
NB Prov.Returns Deaths 1815-1919
NB Deaths 1815-1938
NB Death Certificates 1920-34
NB Death Certificates 1935-38
NF Vital Records 1840-1949
NF Vital Statistics 1753-1893
NS Vital Records 1763-1957
NS Births/Baptisms 1702-1896
NS Births 1864-1877
NS Delayed Births 1837-1904
NS Marriages 1711-1909
NS Marriages 1907-1932
NS Marriages 1864-1918
NS Deaths 1864-1877
NS Deaths 1890-1955
NS Deaths 1956-1957
ON Births/Baptisms 1779-1899
ON Deaths 1869-1947
ON Marriages 1800-1910
QC Births/Baptisms 1662-1898
Canada Births/Baptisms 1661-1959
Canada Deaths/Burials 1664-1955
Canada Marriages 1661-1949
NS Historical Vital Statistics
NS Births 1864-1877,1908-1915
NS Births Delayed Reg. 1830-1915
NS Marriage Bonds 1763-1864
NS Marriage Reg.1864-1940
NS Deaths 1864-1877, 1908-1965
NS City of Halifax Deaths 1890-1908
Library & Archives Canada
Acts of Divorce 1841-1968
BDM Records in Canada
Marriage Bonds 1779-1858
Names Marriage Licenses Upper/Lower CA
Miscellaneous BDM
ON BDM Exchange-Olive Tree
Upper Canada Marriage Indexes-OnGen
Upper Canada East Marriage Index-OnGen
Canadian Deaths 1876-1886
Marriage Collection-Automated Gen
ON 1882-Victims-Steamer Asia Disaster
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Census Records
1825 Lower Canada Census
1831 Lower Canada (QC) Census
1831-1870 MB Census Index
1842 Lower Canada (QC) Census
1842 Upper Canada (ON) Census
1851 Canada Census
1861 NB Census
1861 NS Census
1861 ON Census
1861 PEI Census
1861 QC Census
1871 Canada Census
1881 Canada Census
1891 Canada Census
1901 Canada Census
1906 AB, SK, MB Census
1916 AB, SK, MB Census
1921 NFL Census
1935 NFL Census
1945 NFL Census
Library Archives Canada
1825 Census for Lower Canada
1831 Census Lower Canada
1842 Canada East
1842 Canada West
1851 Canada East/West, NB, NS
1861 Canada East/ West, PE, NB, NS
1870 MB Census
1871 Census of Canada
1871 ON Census
1881 BC, MB, NB, NWT, NS, ON, PEI, QC
1891 BC, MB, NB, NWT, NS, ON, PEI, QC
1906 AB, SK, MB Census
1911 AB, BC, MB, NWT, NB, NS, On, PEI,
     QC, SK, Yukon

1916 AB, SK., MB
1895 Electorial Atlas-CNA
Early Electorial Maps
The Island Register
PEI Census Records & Extracts
PEI 1752 (St. John)-Island Reg.
PEI 1768 (St.John)-Island Reg.
PEI 1798 (St. John)-Island Reg.
1851 Census Index New Brunswick
1852 Census of Canada
1901 Census of Canada
1901 Surname
1906 MB, SK, AB Census Index
1911 Canada Census Index
1911 Census of Canada
1901 Halifax Explosion Links
1901 Soldiers WWI
Miscellaneous Census
1698 Acadian Census
1770-1787 NS Census
1838 NS Census
1852 Canadien Census-PRDH
1881 Canadien Census-PRDH
1891 Lethbridge AB-Dave Obee
1901 AB, SK Census Index-AGS
1911 Stephen Morse One Step
Census & Voter's List
1825-1921 Census Canada
Census Finder - Canada
Canada Census - Cyndi's list
U.S., Canada. UK Census Records
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AB Cemeteries Search-AFHS
Edmonton Cemeteries-name search
BC Cemetery Finding Aid
ON Cemetery Finding Aid Ver.5
ON Cemetery Finding Aid ver.6
ON OCFA Search Page
Ancestors at Rest
Find a Grave
300 Mounted Policemen-Calgary's Cemetery
Finnish Gravemarkers In Canada Province

Obituaries Newspaper Collection $
Canadian Obituary Links
Edmonton, AB Obituaries Obituaries
Free Obituaries On-line
GenForum Obituaries Genealogy Forum

FamilySearch Obituaries-Add an Obit
Obituary Daily Times
The Recents

Funeral Homes
Canadian Funerals Online
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Church Records
NB Births/Baptisms 1819-1899
NS Antigonish Catholic 1823-1905
ON Births & Baptisms 1779-1899
PEI Baptisms 1777-1985
QC Births & Baptisms 1662-1898
QC Catholic Parish 1621-1979
QC Non-Catholic Registers 1763-1967
Library and Archives Canada
Religious Archives
Miscellaneous Church Records
LDS Church
ON Upper Canada East Baptisms

PEI Baptismal Records Up to 1923
QC Parish Records 1621-1799
LDS Meeting House Locator
Religion and Churches - Cyndi's List
The Episcopal Church
United Church of Canada Archives
Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms
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By Province
AB Pioneer Histories
AB Our Future Our Past
MB Hudson's Bay Co. Archives
MB Hudson Bay Co. Bio Sheets
NB Provincial Archives
NS Virtual Archives
ON Early Ontario Records
ON Upper Canada Asylum Inmates
QC PRDH Databases
QC Notarial Record 1800-1900
General Databases
AB AFHS Gen.Projects Registry
Canada's Digital Collection
Dictionary of Biography Online
Canadian Encyclopedia Historica
Canadian Genealogy-Olive Tree
Canadian Patents 1869-1919
Canadian Records Database
Early Canadiana Online
Genealogy Research Library($)
Government Sessional Papers
Mennonite Extraction Project
Our Roots
Mary's Genealogy Treasures-Surname Registry
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BC City Directories 1860-1952
Canada Directories Who Was Where
MB Historical Directories
MB Directories-Dave Obee's site
Montreal City Directories
ON City and Farmer Directories

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Canada GenWeb Index
British Columbia
New Brunswick

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Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

Government of

Government of Canada
Canadian Parliament
A-Z Index Parliament
Statistics Canada
Provincial Vital Statistics
Copyright Law-C-32
Freedom Information/Privacy Act
Prime Ministers Canada

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Mary's Genealogy Treasures
AB Pioneer Histories
History AB Cities/Towns/Villiages
Alberta Ghost Towns
History AB Rural Schools
Canadian Railroad
Employees Provident Fund
Porters & Domestics 1899-1949
Canadian Pacific Railroad History
CP History
Canadian Railway Genealogical Index
Colin Churcher's Railway Pages

NWMP Personnel Files 1873-1904
NWMP - Reminiscences
NWMP & Ft. WhoopUp-Wikipedia
RCMP History
RCMP Historical Dates
RCMP Honour Roll
RCMP Uniform and Equipment
RCMP Musical Ride

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Library Archives Canada
Native History
Aboriginal Soldiers in the First World War
Aboriginal Peoples-Guide to Records
First Nations in Alberta
Index of Bands in Western CA
Indian Reserves in Western CA
First Nation Profile Maps
Louis Riel & Red River Rebellion
Métis Scrip Records
Treaties, Surrenders, Agreements
Treaty 8
General History
Canadian Directories-Who was Where
Dictionary of Canadian Biography
Private Archives & Colonial Records
Diaries of Wm Lyon McKenzie King
Post Offices and Postmasters
Railway Employees Provident Fund
    -Search Railway Employee Fund
General History
Alberta Heritage Digitization Project
Canadian Constitutional- Solon Law Archive
Historica Canada
Canadian Heritage Information Network
18th Century Canadian History
19th Century Canadian History
Canadian Lighthouses -Wikipedia
Chronology of Canadian Coins
Early Canadiana Online
Henry Hudson-Explorer - Adventurer
Images of Canada
Lighthouse Explorer Database
Our Roots- Canada's Local Histories Online
Prime Ministers- Images
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I.G.I. Batch #'s
IGI Homepage
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

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Passenger Lists

Library Archives Canada
1782-1807 Black Loyalists-Port Roseway NS
1832 Montreal Emigrant Society
1832-1937 Immigrants at Grosse-Île Quarantine
Passenger Lists to Canada
bef 1865 Immigrants to Canada
     bef 1865 Immigrants to Canada Search
1865-1922 Passenger Lists
    1865-1922 Passenger List Search
1865-1935 Passenger Lists
1865-1922 Quebec City Passenger Index
   1865-1922 Quebec City Passenger Search
1869-1930 British Home Children
    -Home Children Immigration Records
    -Home Children Boards of Guardians
1885-1949 Immigrants from China
1898-1922 Immigrants from Russian Empire
1925-35 Passengers/Border Entries
    1925-1935 Passenger Search
Deportation From Canada 1893-1977
Immigrant Diaries and Guides
Immigration Information
Immigration of Domestics
Immigration & Farm Workers 1918-1945
Microform Digitization
Organized Crime after 1945 & Immigration Rec.
Ship Registration Index
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Ancestors Search Website
From Germany Passenger Lists
From Ireland Passenger Lists
To Australian Passenger Lists
To Canada Passenger Lists
To New Zealand Passenger Lists
To South Africa Passenger Lists

To Castle Garden USA 1820-1890
To Ellis Island USA 1892-1924
Immigrants to Canada Website
Emigration to Canada-19th Century
1834 Emigrants Handbook
Young Immigrants to Canada

Mennonite Immigration
Mennonite Immigrants
Mennonite Arrivals-Canada 1900-14
Mennonites from Hamburg 1890-98
Mennonites to Quebec 1874-80
Mennonites to Quebec 1881-96

Olive Tree Immigration
Passenger Lists

1659 Saint Andre Passengers-Montreal
1861-1882 Port of Kingston Ontario

bef 1865 Ships/Passengers
bef 1865 Passenger Lists to Canada-Article
aft 1865 Passengers/Ships to Canada
J.J. Cooke Ships Passenger Lists
Passenger Lists to Quebec-Scroll down
Ships Passenger Lists
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General Immigration Websites
1749 Early Settlers, NS Halifax Co.-Wikipedia
1772-75 Yorkshire Emmigration to NS
Library-Archives Canada
1851-61 Census Irish to New Brunswick
Passenger/Ships Lists to New Brunswick
1865-83 Toronto Emigrant Office
    -Toronto Emigrant Office Search
Ship Registration 1787-1966
Chinese Immigration 1885-1949
Cyndi's List
Cyndi's List-Immigration/Emigration/Migration
Cyndi's List-Ships/Passenger Lists
Pier 21
Pier 21 - Immigration Museum
Pier 21 Ship Arrivals
Immigration & Travel
1890-1960 Passengers Leaving UK $
1850-1934 Hamburg Passengers
Passenger Lists Online
Norway Passenger Lists
1865-73 Bergen, Norway to Quebec
Miscellaneous Passenger Lists
1813 Prince of Wales Immigration List
1881-1922 Canada Passenger
1890-1960 Scottish Emigration Database
1936 Montcalm Passenger List-Dave Obee
British Isles Family History Soc. Databases
Canada to New Zealand Emigrants
Doukhobor Immigration
Finland Institute of Migration
Genseek Ship Lists
Immigrants to Canada-Canada GenWeb
Immigrant/Ships Transcribers Guild
Nanaimo Family History Soc.-Passenger Lists
Nova Scotia Ships, Passenger Lists
Passengers on the Allan Line
Ships &
The ShipsList
Immigrants Arriving at
U.S. Ports

Ellis Island NY 1892-1924
Boston Passenger Manifests 1848-91
Castle Garden NY 1855-1890

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Land Records
Library Archives Canada
Gaspé Land Claimants 1819-1825
Lower Canada Land Petitions 1764-1841
Métis Scrip Records Search
Upper Canada Land Petitions 1763-1865
Upper Canada Land Board 1765-1804
Western Land Grants 1870-1930

Nova Scotia Archives
Cape Breton Island Petitions 1787-1843
Nova Scotia Land Petitions 1769-1799
New Brunswick Archives
NB Land Grants 1784-1997
NB Land Petitions 1783-1918
Miscellaneous Land Records
Alberta Homesteads 1870-1930-AGS
Saskatchewan Homestead Index 1872-1930
Immigrants-Canada-Land Records
Upper Canada(ON) Land Petitions
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Maps, Atlases
The Atlas of Canada
Geographical Names
In Search of your Canadian Past-Ontario
Historical Atlas of Canada
Historical Digitized Maps
Panoramic Canadian Maps
Places in Canada
Surname Distribution
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Family History Websites
Top 100 Genealogy Websites
Free Genealogy Websites
Access Genealogy
AFHS Projects Registry
Archives Canada
Billion Graves
Black Sheep Ancestors
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Cyndi's List
Canada-Cyndi's List
Canadian Genealogy-Olive Tree
Canada Mailing lists
Death Indexes - USA
Ellis Island
Find a Grave
FreeBDM (UK)
Genealogy Today
Genuki- UK
Irish Genealogy
Olive Tree Genealogy
USGenWeb Archives
Commercial Sites
Canada Archives
Family Tree DNA
Genealogy Research Library($)
PRDH - Quebec Databases
Yourfolks-Quebec Records
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Historical Newspapers
AB Calgary Herald BDM 1883-89
AB Lethbridge Herald BDM Obits
AB Lethbridge Herald 1905-2012
AB Our Future, Our Past
AB BC The Recents
NB Newspaper Vital Statistics
ON Halton Historical Newspapers
ON The Toronto Star Archives
Canada’s Multicultural Newspapers
The Paperboy
Books We Own
Online Family History Magazine
Early Canadiana Online
Magazines, Journals, Columns-Cyndislist
Family History Books-FS-org
Online Newsletters
Dick Easton's Genealogy Newsletter
Ancestry Insider
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By Province
AB Genealogical Society
AB Family Histories Society Index
BC Genealogical Society
MB Genealogical Society
NB Genealogical Society
NFL Family History Society
NS Genealogical Association
ON Genealogical Society
PEI Genealogical Society
QC Le Centre De Genealogie
QC Family History Society
SK Genealogical Society
General Organizations
American-Canadian Gen. Society
Black Loyalists Heritage Society
Canadian Mayflower Descendents
Jewish Genealogical Society Toronto
Mennonite Historical Society of AB
United Empire Loyalists' Association
Ukranian Gen. and Historical Society
Vermont-French-Canadian Genealogy Soc.
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Canada GenWeb "Roll of Honor"
Canada GenWeb Roll of Honour
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland & Labrador
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Alberta Military
Alberta's War Memorials
Kingman and Area Veterans
300 Mounted Policemen-Calgary's Cem
Coalhurst, AB Persons in Military
Del Bonita, AB Persons in Military
Spring Coulee, AB Persons in Military
Wilson Siding AB Persons in Military
Seven Persons, AB Persons in Military
WWII-Homefront in Alberta

New Brunswick "Roll of Honor"
World War I Veterans
World War II Veterans
Community War Memorials

Early Canadian Wars
Boer War 1899-1901
Muster Rolls-Boer War
Anglo Boer War Discussion Page
Books of Rememberance-So. African War
Historical Battlefields
South African War-Veterans Canada
Canada-South African War 1899-1902
Soldiers-South African War 1899-1902
    Search the Database

Library Archives Canada
Black Loyalist 1782-1807
Loyalist's Muster Rolls 1777-83
Military Medals 1812-1969
War of 1812-Upper/Lower CA Paylists
Royal Canadian Navy 1910-1941
Olive Tree Genealogy
French Indian War 1754-63
Loyalist-American Revolution 1765-83
    -Loyalist Muster Rolls
    -Loyalist Regiments
War of 1812
Rebellion of 1837
Red River Rebellion 1870-77
North West Rebellion 1884-85
Fenian Raids 1885/1886/1870
Nile Expedition 1884-1885
South African (Boer) War 1899-1902
World War I 1914-1918
Other Early Canadian Wars
American Prisoners of War 1812
Books of Rembrances
French Indian Wars Muster Rolls
Kings Rangers 1779-84
Louis Riel-Red River Rebellion 1870
Rebellion Muster Rolls 1837
The Hessians
    -The Brunswickers in Canada-1776
    -The Brunswickers in Captivity
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World War I
Library Archives Canada
Soldiers of WW I 1914-1918
Diaries of WW I
Court Martial of WW I
Medals, Honours and Awards
Veterans Death Cards WWI
First World War
Books of Remembrance-WW I
First World War 1914-1918
Time to Remember
Canada and the First World War
History of the First World War
Historical Photo Gallery
Newfoundland Regiment at Gallipoli
Virtual War Memorial
Other WW I Websites
1901 Canadian Virtual War Memorial
1901 Soldiers WWI-Automated Gen.
Air Aces-WWI/WWII/Korea
Canada & First World War
Canadian Great War
Filip Konowal-Victoria Cross
Internment Camps during WWI and WWII
Newfoundland Military Page
Newfoundlands Great War
Royal Canadian Navy Ledgers 1910-41
World War I 1914-1918-OliveTree Gen.
Western Front Assoc. 1914-18
WW I Document Archives
Women in World War I

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World War II

Library Archives Canada
Second World War 1939-1945
WW II War Dead 1939-1947
Faces of the Second World War
    -Search-Faces of WW II
Veterans Canada
Second World War 1939-1945
Books of Remembrance
Second World War Memorials
Canadian Virtual War Memorial
Orders, Decorations, Metals
Victoria Cross Recipients
Other World War II Websites
Canadian Flying Aces
WWII Flying Aces
Book of Remembrance-WW II
Canadian Newspapers & WW II-CWM
Canonesa, Convoy HX72 & U-100
Canadian War Brides
Internment Camps during WWI and WWII
NARA Searchable Databases
POW Research Network Japan
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Korean War
Air Aces-WWI/WWII/Korean War
Korean War 1950-1953
Books of Remebrance-Korean War

NARA Searchable Databases
Vietnam War
Canadian Vietnam Casualties
NARA Searchable Databases
NARA Vietnam War Military Records
US Vietnam War
Vietnam Center and Archive
Vietnam Memorial Database
Vietnam Virtual Archive
Canadian Army
Canadian Army Homepage
Canadian Army Overseas 1939-45
Canadian Army-Wikipedia
Canadian Armed Forces-Wikipedia
Canadian Armed Forces
Canadian Army unit flags

Canadian Army Images
Canadian Forces Ranks & Insignia
Queen's Own Rifles of Canada
Queen's Own Rifles of Canada
Queen's Own Rifles of Canada History
Queen's Own Rifles of Canada Museum
Queen's Own Rifles-Wikipedia
Societies, Groups,
Associations, Rosters

Black Watch of Canada
Canadian Military Heritage Project
Peacekeeping Veterans Association
ON Branch Western Front Association
Lincoln/Welland Regimen-Wikipedia
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General Information,
Records, Websites

US National Archives
NARA Casualties of War
NARA Prisoners of War
NARA Military Personel
NARA Civilians
Veterans Canada
Veterans Affairs Canada
Books of Remembrance
Search Books of Remembrance
Canadian Armed Forces
Canadian Virtual War Museum
Heroes Remembered
Index Medals Decorations
Other General Sites
Canadian Forces College (Toronto)
Canada Military-Cyndi's List
Canadian Military Heritage Project
Canadians in US Civil War
Commonwealth War Graves Comm.
Find a Military Ancestor
Merchant Marine Crews 1890-1920
Indigenous Veterans
Nursing Sisters of Canada
Canada's Nursing Sisters
Canadian Nursing Sisters Photos
War Libraries, Museums,
Memorials, Monuments

Canadian Armed Forces Memorials
Canada's Bomber Command
Canadian War Museum
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
Military Museums of Calgary
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Citizenship Records

Naturalization 1915-1951
1828-1850-Upper/Canada West
    1828-1850 Upper/Canada West Search
1851-1945 Citizenship-Montreal Court
    1851-1945 Citizenship Reg. Search
Naturalization Records-Olive Tree
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