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Births, Deaths,
Marriages, Divorces

Births, Christenings
Cyndi's List - Births, Baptisms
I Dream of Genealogy- Births
Rootsweb Early Births
US Births/Christenings

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Cyndi's List - Marriages
Freedman's Bureau Records - Marriages
I Dream of Genealogy- Marriages
Marriage Records
US Marriages
Western States Marriage Records

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Cyndi's List - Deaths
Death Records-Rootsweb
I Dream of Genealogy-Deaths
Online Death Indexes
Social Security Death
US Deaths/Burials

Ray Brown's Place Early BDM
Ray Brown's Place Early BDM
General Births/Deaths/Marriages
Vital Records-National Archives
U.S. Vital
VitalChek Express
Vital Records Locations
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US BDM by State
AL Births/Christenings
AL Marriages
AL County Marriages
AL Deaths/Burials
AL Deaths
AZ Birth and Death Certificates
AZ Births/Christenings
AZ Marriages 1865-1949
AZ County Marriages 1871-1964
AZ Deaths
AZ Deaths/Burials, 1910-11,
AR Births/Christenings
AR Co. Marriages
AR Marriages
AR County Marriages
AR Deaths/Burials 1882-1929,
CA Deaths 1940-97
CA County Marriages
CA San Francisco Deaths
CA San Mateo Co. Rec.
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CO Divorces
CT Early BDM-Jane Devlin Site
CT Marriage Index
CT Births/Christenings
CT Marriages
CT Deaths/Burials
DC Births/Christenings
DC Marriages
DC Marriages
DC Deaths/Burials
DE Births/Christenings
DE State Births
DE Marriages
DE Marriages
DE Deaths/Burials
DE Deaths
FL Marriage/Death Index($)
FL Births/Christenings
FL Marriages
FL Deaths/Burials
FL Deaths
GA Deaths
GA Deaths
GA Marriages
GA BDM Records
HI Births and Deaths
HI Births/Christenings
HI Marriages
HI Deaths/Burials
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IA Births/Christenings
IA Marriages
IA Deaths/Burials
ID Eastern Death Index
ID Births/Christenings
ID Death Certificates 1911-51
ID Death Certificates
ID Deaths/Burials
ID Marriages 1878-98,
ID Co. Marriages
IL Co. Marriages
IL Cook Co. Birth Cert.
IL Cook Co. Birth Reg.
IL Cook Co. Marriages
IL Cook Co. Deaths
IL Deaths/Stillbirths
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IN Marriages
IN Marriages
IN Wayne Co. Marr. License
KS Births/Christenings
KS Deaths/Burials
KS Marriages
KS County Marriages
KY Marriage/Death/Divorce Index
KY Births/Christenings
KY Marriage Records
KY Marriages
KY Death Records
KY Deaths/Burials
KY Death Records
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LA Births/Christ. 1811-30,54,
LA New Orleans Marriages 1846-80
LA New Orleans Marriages 1837-57
LA Marriages
LA Deaths 1850-75,94,
MA Early Vital Records
MA Northampton-Marriages
MA Births
MA Births/Christenings
MA Marriages
MA Marriages
MA Deaths/Burials
MA Deaths
MA BDM 1841-1910
Ray Brown's Place Early Marriages
MD Births/Christenings
MD Marriages
MD Deaths/Burials
MD Death Records
MD Somerset Co. Marr.1796-1832
ME Births/Christenings
ME Marriages
ME Deaths/Burials
ME Death Records 1960-1996
MI Early Births
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MI Births/Christenings
MI Births
MI Deaths/Burials
MI Deaths
MI Death Indexing 1867-1897
MI Marriages
MI Marriages
MN Births/Christenings
MN Births & Marriages
MN Birth Certificate Index
MN Marriages
MN Co. Marriages
MN Death Certificate Search
MN Deaths
MN Deaths/Burials
MO Births/Deaths pre 1910
MO Deaths 1910-55
MO Deaths/Burials
MT Marriages
MT County Marriages
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NC Births/Christenings
NC Deaths/Burials
NC Deaths
NC Deaths
NC Marriages
NC County marriages
NC Davidson Co VR
ND Death Index
NE Marriages
NH Vital Records
NH Births 1900'
NH Births/Christenings
NH Death Records
NH Deaths/Burials
NH Marriages
NH Marriages
NJ Births/Christenings
NJ Deaths/Burials
NJ Marriages
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NM Births/Christenings
NM Death Index 1899-1940
NM Deaths/Burials 1788-98,
NM Deaths
NM Marriages
NV Mineral Co. Death Index
NY Births/Christenings
NY Duchess Co.-Hopewell Reformed 1758-1891
NY Kings Co.Flatbush Consistory Bks
NY Vital Records
NY Marriages
NY Duchess Co.Marr. Hopewell Ref.-1766-1882
NY Vital Statistics
NY Marriages Reformed Dutch Church
NY Ontario Co. Marriages 1908-1935
NY New Netherland Church Rec.
NY Warren Co. Records
NY Deaths/Burials
NY County Marriages
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OH Births/Christenings
OH Births, Marriages, Deaths
OH Death Certificate Index 1913-1937
OH Deaths
OH Deaths/Burials
OH Marriages
OH Co.Marriages
OH Cuyahoga Co. Marriages 1810-1998
OK Co. Marriages
OR Births/Christenings
OR BDM/Delayed Births/div.
OR Deaths/Burials
OR Marriages
OR BDM/Div Records
PA Philadelphia Deaths
PA Philadelphia Marr.
PA Juanita Co. Methodist Marriages
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RI Births/Christenings
RI Deaths/Burials
RI Marriages
SC Deaths
SC Deaths
TN Births/Christenings
TN Deaths/Burials
TN Memphis Deaths 1848-1945
TN Death Index 1908-1912
TN Death Index 1914-1933
TN Marriages
TN County Marriages
TN Deaths
TN Lincoln Co. Marriages
TX Birth Certificates
TX Births/Christenings
TX Death Index
TX Deaths/Burials
TX Deaths
TX Death
TX Marriages
TX County Marriage Index
TX Comanche Co. Rec.
TX Mills Co. Clerk Rec.
TX Travis Co. Marriage
TX Travis Co. Divorce
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UT Birth Records
UT Births/Christenings
UT Divorce Records
UT Death Records
UT Deaths Certificates 1904-1961
UT Deaths
UT Deaths/Burials
UT Salt Lake Co Deaths
UT Marriages
VA Fluvanna Deaths
VA Death Index 1853-1896
VA Births/Christenings
VA Deaths/Burials
VA Marriages
VA Freedmen's Marriages
VA BDM Wills
VA Marriage Records
VA Surry Co. Marriages
VT Births/Christenings
VT Deaths/Burials
VT Marriages
WA Births
WA Deaths
WA Deaths
WA Marriages
WA State Co. Marr.
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WI BDM pre-1907
WI Births/Christenings
WI Deaths/Burials
WI Marriages
WV Births, Deaths, Marriages
WV Births
WV Births/Christenings
WV Deaths
WV Deaths/Burials
WV Death Records
WV Marriages
WV Marriages
WY Marriages
Western States Marriage Index
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Census Records
US 1840 Census of Pensioners
1850 Census Images
1850 Mortality
1850 Slave
1940 Federal
1940 Federal
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U.S. Census by State
CO 1885 State
CT Census Records
CT Census Records
CT 1790 Census
Dakota Territory 1860
Dakota Territory 1885
FL 1885 State
FL 1935 State
FL 1945 State
ID 1890 Reconstructed Census
IA 1885 State
IL 1855 State
KS Territory 1860 Federal
KS Federal & State 1855-1940
MA 1790 Federal Census
MA Census Records
MA Census Records
MA 1790 Census
MA 1855 State
MA 1865 State
MD 1776,1778,1870,1880
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MN State Census Indexes
MN 1857 Territorial
MN 1865 State
MN 1875 State
MN 1885 State
MN 1895 State
MN 1905 State
NH Census Records
NH Census Records
NJ 1885 State
NV 1862-1930 Census
NV 1890 Veterans
NY 1865 State
NY 1892 State
NY 1905 State
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OK 1890 Territorial
OR 1850 Territorial Census
PA Pittsburgh, Allegheny City
PA 1890 Northampton Co
RI Census Records
RI Census Records
RI 1885 State
RI 1905 State
RI 1915 State
RI 1925 State
RI 1935 State
SD 1905 State
SD 1915 State
SD 1925 State
SD 1935 State
SD 1945 State
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UT Census Index 1850-1880
UT 1860 Fed. Census
VA 1624 Census Jamestown
WA 1847-1910
WI 1855 State
WI 1875 State
WI 1885 State
WI 1895 State
WI 1905 State
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General Census
AccessGenealogy Census U.S. Census
U.S. Census Finder
U.S. Census Online
Cyndi's List - U.S. Census
Rootsweb Census Index
USGenWeb Census Inventory
The USGenWeb Census Project
USGenWeb State Census Index
USGenWeb Search Engine
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U.S. Cemeteries, Obituary Records
FamilySearch Obituaries-Add an Obit
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Church Records
IL Belleville Parish Rec
OH Toledo Catholic Diocese
LA Orleans Parish Estates
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Commercial Sites
(Free Search-Pay to View) ($) ($) ($) ($)$)
Godfrey Memorial Library ($)
Heritage Quest Online ($)
American Ancestors($) ($)
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Court Records
Probate, Wills

State Court Websites
Public Access Court Electronic Rec.
Samuel Packard's Will-Pymouth Colony
AL County Probate
DE Probate Database
GA Colonial Wills 1733-1778
IL Probate Records
LA Orleans Parish Estate
MD Cecil Co.
MD Estate/guardians
MD Register of Wills
MN Will Records
NY Kings Co Estates
OH Cuyahoga Co. Probates
OH Stark Co. Court Rec.
MS Tippah Co. Rec.
SC Probate Records
SC Probate Records
UT Probate Records
VA Wills
VT Probates
WI Probate Estate Files
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By U.S. State
AK Gold Rush Names
CA Databases-Rootsweb
CA Foreign Born Voters
CA San Mateo Co. Rec.
CO Online Indexes
GA Digital Library
IN Digitized Records
KS -
MA 1810-65 Boston Directories
MA Springfield Bios
MA History
ME State Archives
MA Archives
MN Dalby Databases
MO State Archives
MT Rosebud
NY New Netherlands Databases
OK Enrollment 5 Civilized
TX Daughters of Republic
TX Eastland County Rec.
TX Gonzalez de La Garza
TX Mills Co. Clerk Rec.
UT Division of State History
VA Scotch-Irish Settlement
Early VA Religious Petitions
VA Memory
VA Freedmens Bureau Letters
VA Quit Rent Rolls 1704
VA Quit Rent Rolls 1704-05
WA State Co. Rec.
WA State Digital Archives
WI Hist. Soc. Databases

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U.S. Colonial Databases
Cyndi's List
Colonial America-Cyndi's List
New England-Cyndi's List
Cyndi's List-Connecticut
Cyndi's List-Maine
Cyndi's List-Massachusetts
Cyndi's List-New Hampshire
Cyndi's List-Rhode Island
Cyndi's List-Vermont

Other Colonial Databases
Early Colonial Records-Jane Devlin Site
Rays Place-New England's Past
Rays Place-Town Index
U.S. Poorhouse Index - Biographies
William Bradford Biography
Colonial Connecticut Rec. 1636-1776
First Settlers-New
Making of America
Netherlands/NewYork - Olive Tree
Colonial Currency
Rich Men of MA
New England Records
On The Trail of Ancestors
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The Mayflower Databases
CT Society Mayflower Descentants
NH Soc. Mayflower Descendants
PA Soc. Mayflower Descendants
Pilgrims-Plymouth Colony-Cyndi's List
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General Databases
US General-Cyndi's List
US Genealogy-Olive Tree
NEHGS Master Search Databases
Federal Inmate Locator
Library of Congress
Family History Archive Books
Freedmans Bank
Great Lakes Maritime Personnel
Making of America-Cornwall University
Our Black Ancestry
Pension Office Wills/Naturalization/Census
San Francisco Call Database
National Archives-Resources for Genealogists
US Ladies Workers Union
VA Slave Names Database
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US GenWeb Index
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Cyndi's List-History
African American
Disasters-Natural and Manmade
CW-War Southern Independence
Cowboys, Ranchers and The Wild West
Migration, Routes, Roads and Trails
Orphan Trains
U.S. History

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eHistory website
eHistory-Oral Histories
5,300 Timeline Events
ehistory Videos
Images and Maps
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General History
American History-Genealogical Proj.
First Colonial Families
First Families of Virginia
Compendium of 1st Families America
Age of Imperialism
AR History and Culture
Brooklyn Daily Eagle-1841-1902
Generations American History
Elizabethan Costume Era
The Costume Page
Hudson Bay Archives
Index to US Presidents
Making of America
Discover History-NPS
Historic Places
NE Prairie Settlement
Reading Company Railroad
Colonial Charters/Grants/Related Doc.
Ohio River Valley 1750-1820
VA Digital Collection
Cycles in U.S. History
U.S. Postal History
UT-Mountain West Digital Library
Valdez Museum/Historical Arch.
Valdez Name Database
Western Waters Digital Library
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Colonial History
Archiving Early America
Colonial Charters, Grants, etc.
Colonial Williamsburg
Documenting the American South
Early American
American South Collect.
James Town Virginia-Wikipedia
History of Jamestown
History Bristol Co. MA
History Old Bedford Co., PA
New England History-Wikipedia
Rhode Island Historical Chronology
Founding American Colonies
Early Colonial Timeline
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Passenger Lists,

U.S. National Archives

Ship Passenger Arrival Records
Immigration- Links to Resources
AAD - Passenger Lists
Castle Garden/Ellis Island
Castle Garden Immigration Center
Ellis Island Database
Ellis Island One Step Search Tools
Ellis Island, Cyndi's List
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Olive Tree Genealogy
Olive Tree-Ships Passenger List
Ships Passenger Lists to USA
English to USA
Irish to USA
Scottish To USA
Dutch to USA & Canada
French to America
Germans and Swiss to USA
Huguenots to USA
Italians to USA
Mennonites to Canada-USA
Mormons to USA & Canada
Palatines(Germans)-US 1727-1808
Quakers to USA & Canada
Russians to USA & Canada
Film #s-ships to NY 1820-1891
Pass. Australia/New Zealand 1700-1800
Passenger Lists-Canada 1400-1800
Pass. Lists-South Africa 1680-1690
Ships Passenger Lists to USA
Pass. from Balearic Isl.-FL 1768
Pass.-Louisiana before 1820
Ships-Massachussets bef. 1820
Ships Lists Maryland bef. 1820
Passenger Lists-New England
Ships-New Netherland/NY 1624-1650
Ships-New Netherland/NY 1650-81
Passenger Lists to NC
Passenger Lists to SC
Pasenger Lists to PA 1600-1699
Ships-Philadelphia PA. 1727-1808
Unknown/Miscellaneous Ports
The Confidence 1638-New England
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Immigrant Ships
Transcriber's Guild

ISTG Homepage
ISTG - Volume 1
ISTG - Volume 2
ISTG - Volume 3
ISTG - Volume 4
ISTG - Volume 5
ISTG - volume 6
ISTG - Volume 7
ISTG - Volume 8
ISTG - Volume 9
ISTG - Volume 10
ISTG - Volume 11
ISTG - Volume 12
ISTG - Volume 13
ISTG Ship Chas. N. Cooper
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Immigration to America
American Immigrant Wall of Honor
Ancestor Search-Passenger Lists
Angel Island Immig. Station
Boston Passenger Manifest-1848-1891
Bureau Citizenship-Immigration
General Search-Passenger Lists
History of US Immigration
Immigrant Ancestors Project-BYU
Immigrant Ships-West Michigan Area
Japanese Immigrants to U.S. 1887-1924
New Orleans Ship Pass. List 1851
Ships Arriving in 1890 - 1930
The Ships List
PA Passenger Ships/Lists
SC Emigration/
USA Ethnic Immigration
National Archives
National Archives Immigration Records
Immigration & Alien Arrivals
Chinese Immigration Records
German Passengers 1850-97
Irish Famine Passenger Rec.
Irish Famine Passengers 1846-5
Irish Famine-Ship Arrivals
Italian passengers 1855-1900
Mexican Border Crossing Rec.
Russians Passengers -1834-97
Other Ethnic Immigration Rec.
Germans from Russia
Germans from Russia Immigrants
Irish Immigrants
Irish Cimorelli Database
Japanese Immigrants 1887-1924
Swedish emigration to US-Wikipedia
Welsh Mormon Immigrants-BYU


Steamship Historical Society
Great Lakes Crew Lists
Great Lakes Maritime History
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Land Records
Bureau Land Management
US Land Deed Data Pool
Rev. War Pension/Land
Carolina Land Grants 1685-88
FL -Spanish Land Grants
GA Chatham Co. Deeds 1785-1806
GA Land Grants 1767
GA Land Lottery 1832
IN Land Records
ME Rev. War Land Grants
MO Land Patents 1831-1969
NE Broken Bow
OH Company Land Grants 1793
OR Land claims
SC Land Grants 1674 to 1683
VA Land Office Grants
VA Land Patents 1703
VT Land
WA Land Records
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Perry-Castañeda Map Collection
Historical Maps of World
Historical Maps of Africa
Historical Maps of Asia
Historical Maps Australia/Pacific
Historical Maps of Canada
Historical Maps of Europe
Historical Maps of Mexico
Historical Maps of Middle East
Historical Maps of Russia
Historical Maps of South America
Historical Maps U.S.
Historical Sites of U.S.
Miscellaneous Collections
1675 Map of New England
Geographic Names Information System
Panoramic Maps of U.S.
Rare Maps Colonial America
The Thirteen Colonies
USGenWeb Maps & Atlases
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Library of Congress
U.S. Library of Congress
Local History and Genealogy
Library of Congress Online Catalog
American Memory
Catalogs of Newspaper Holdings
(NUCMC) Manuscript Collections
General Libraries
Allen County Public Library
Cornell University Digital Coll.
New York Public Library
San Francisco Pub. Library Research Tools
Seattle Public Library
Tacoma WA Public Library
Newberry Library Electronic Databeses
LDS FamilySearch Library
National Archives Records
Administration NARA

National Archives Record Admin.
Genealogy and Research
Resources for Genealogists
AAD-Browse by Category
AAD-Genealogy/Personal History
AAD-Countries Databases
AAD-States Databases
AAD-County Databases
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Military Records
U.S. National Archives
Military Records
War of 1812
Civil War
World War I
World war II
Korean War
Vietnam War
Veterans Service Records
ADD Access Archival Databases
AAD Access Archival Databases
AAD - Wars
AAD - Prisoners of War
AAD - Cold War
AAD - Wars-Diplomatic Relations
AAD - Casualties
AAD - Civilians
AAD - Military Personel
AAD - Military Personnel Rec.
American Battle Monuments

ABMC Cemeteries and Monuments
AMBC Search Burials and Memorials
ABMC Burial Grounds Foreign Soil
US General Military
US Military -Cyndi's List
VA Library Database Search
Mormon Battalion
National Gravesite Locator
US Military War
Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency
Department of Veterans Affairs
National Cemetery Administration
Obtaining Military Pension Files
Colonial Wars
King Philip's War-Wikipedia
Soldiers in King Philp's War
MA Militia Roots
Battle of Blue Licks
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American Revolutionary War
US Rev. War Pension/Land
US Rev. War Service Records
Brigade Reference Sites
Col. Bailey's 2nd MA Regiment
Cowpens National Battlefield
Daughters of the American Revolution
Patriot Index Lookup Service
Hessian Soldiers of AR
ME Land Grants/Pensions
Sons of American Revolution
Valley Forge Muster Rolls
VA Culpepper Minute Battalion-Wikipedia
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War of 1812
LA War of 1812 Pension
War of 1812
American Prisoners-of-War
US War of 1812 Prisoners
History War 1812
Genealogy Fallout War of 1812
War of 1812 Website
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Mexican-American War

Descendants of Mexican War Veterans
Mexican-American-Military History
US Mexican War Casualty
Guide to Mexican War
American Dead-Mexican-American War
U.S. Civil War 1861-1865
Civil War by State
AL CW Confederate Service
AL CW Union Service
AR - Civil War
AR Confederate Pension Files
AR Confederate Pensions
AZ Civil War Soldiers
Fort Delaware Civil War Prison
FL-Confederate Pensions
IA Grand Army
ID - Civil War Veterans
IL Alton Federal Military Prison
IL- Civil War Veterans
IL-Deaths at Anderson Prison
IL-Survivors Anderson Prison
IL-Union Soldiers Executed CW
LA Confederate Pension App.
LA Confederate Pension
MA- Cival War Research Center
MI-Union Regimental Index
MN- Civil War Database
MO CW Union Service Rec.
MO CW Confederate Service Rec.
NC-Civil War Soldiers
NC-Civil War Home Page
NY-47th New York Volunteers
PA-Volunteers of Civil War
SC-Civil War Home Page
SC Civil War Service Rec.
SC Confederate Veterans 1909-1973
TN and Civil War
TX Confederate Pensions
TX-10th Cavalry Muster Roll
Utah CW Union Service Records
VA-Cival War Records
VA Veterans/Memorials
VA-Richmond Daily Dispatch
VT Militia Records
Vermont in Civil War-Wikipedia
WI In the Civil War
WI Civil War Volunteer Rosters
WI In Civil War
WI Civil War Soldier Index
WI Roster of Volunteers-Vol 1
WI Roster of Volunteers-Vol 2
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Civil War General Military Historical Records
1864 Maps Petersburg, VA
AAD Civil War
African Americans in Civil War
Confederate Pension-Veterans/Widows
Confederate Pensions
Confederate Disability
Confederate Index Veteran Mag.
Civil War - Cyndi's List
Civil War Forum
Civil War - Genealogy
Civil War Cemeteries
Civil War Pension Index Cards
Civil War photographs
Civil War Photographs-Library of Congress
Civil War Prisons
Civil War Prisoners
Civil War Timeline-Library of Congress
Civil War Units
Civil War Soldiers & Sailors
Civil War-Wikipedia
CW Rosters - Arranged by State
Chronology -American Civil War
Index Civil War Information
Civil War- National Archives
Robert E Lee Camp Applications
Search by Battle Unit
Search by Soldier name
Search Medal of Honor
Search for Battles
The History
Union and Confederate POWs
U.S. Colored Troups-Wikipedia
US Civil War Soldiers
US Civil War Pension
Valley of Shadow of Civil War
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Spanish-American War 1898
Metal of Honor Recipients
NC Volunteers- 1897-1898
PA Spanish American War Rosters
Spanish American War
Spanish American War 1898
Spanish American War Centennial
Spanish American War Veteran
Spanish American War Gravesites
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World War I 1914-1918
WW I-Cyndi's List
American Casualties Search
Florida-WW I Service Cards
Kanas 1917-18 Civilian Draft Regist.
ABMC-WW I Casualties
WW1 US Draft Reg. Cards
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World War II 1939-1945
World War II-Cyndi's List
WW II Draft Reg.
WW II Draft Reg. 1942
World War II Casualties
WW II Enlistment Records
National WW II Memorial
Casualities Pearl Harbor
NY -WW II Honor Roll
National WW II Memorial
POW Research Network Japan
ABMC WWII Casualties
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Korean War 1950-1953
AAD - Korean War
Korean War Maps
Korean War Projects Maps
Korean War Topographic Maps
Korean War Project
ABMC Korean Honor Roll
Western NY Casualties
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Vietnam War 1961-1973
AAD Vietnam War
Vietnam Vets Memorial Wall
Search the Wall
Vietnam Vets Memorial Fund
Vietnam War Military History
Vietnam War Casualty Search
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
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U.S. Air Force
U.S. Air Force Museum
U.S. Army
Master Index Army Records
The U.S. Army Homepage
U.S. Army Medal Honor
U.S. Navy
Lost Submarines and Crews
U.S. Navy History
U.S. Merchant Marine
U.S. Merchant Marine
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NARA - Naturalization Records
Naturalization Petition/Immigration
Kansas City Naturalization Records
Dakota Terr./So. Dakota
Index North Dakota Nat. Rec.
District Nebraska-McCook Div.
District Nebraska-Chadron Div.
St. Louis, MO.1846-1890
New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rica
UT Naturalization/Citizenship Records
UT Salt Lake Co. Citizenships 1907-1925
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Naturalization-Olive Tree
Naturalization - Olive Tree
Arkansas Surnames A 1809-1906
Canada Naturalization Records
U.S. Naturalization Records
USA Register of Passports
Other U.S. Passport Applications
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Brooklyn Daily Eagle - 1841-1902
Google Historical Newspaper Sites
Historical Newspapers Online
Library of Congress-Chronicling America
Newspaper Abstracts
Online Newspaper Archives-Wikipedia
MA Colonial Newspapers

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African American Soc.-Cyndi's List
Directory Org./Historical Society
National Genealogical Society
American Ancestors NEGHS
Colonial Societies
Beverly Historical Society-MA
Boston-Providence Gen. Soc.-MA
Connecticut Historical Society
Connecticut Society of Genealogists
Connecticut Society Mayflower Descendants
Gen. Society of Vermont
Haverhill Historical Society-MA
Little Compton Historical Soc.-RI
Maine Genealogical Society
Maine Historical Society
ME Mayflower Society
MA Historical Society
MA Society of Genealogists
MA Soc. of Mayflower Descendants
Nantucket Historical Assoc.-MA
New England Historical Gen. Soc.
New Hampshire Historical Society
NH Society of Genealogists
NH Soc. of Mayflower Descendents
Polish Gen. Soc. CT and Northeast
RI Black Heritage Society
RI Historical Society
Society Colonial Wars CT
Vermont Historical Soc.
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Tax Records
MA Springfield 1775 Tax List
OH Tax Records
TX Texas Co. Tax Rolls
VA Tax Lists 1790-1800

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Free State Research Guides
Free Research
New York
Other Great Websites
Jane Devlin Early Records Site-
Rays Place-New England's Past Historical Records Research Wiki
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