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Ethnic, Native, Cultural,
Religious, Racial Groups and People

Acadian/Cajun African American Church/Religions Cyndi's List FEEFHS
German's From Russia Huguenot Hutterite Jewish Loyalist
Mennonites Native Groups/People Palatine Quaker Misellaneous
Acadian and Cajun
Acadian & French-Canadian Ancestral Home
Acadian, Cajun & Creole - Cyndi's List
Acadian/Cajun Genealogy and History
Acadian Genealogy Homepage
Acadian genealogy
Acadian Parish Remembered
Planter Studies Center
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African American-Cyndi's List
African American Societies-Cyndi's List
African-Americans OH 1850-1920
African American Cemeteries Online
AL African American Genealogy Research
American Memory Collection
Black Genealogy -
     Deaths Camp Nelson KY 1864-65
Caribbean GenWeb
Christine's Genealogy Website
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors
Digital Library-American Slavery
Free African Americans VA/NC/SC/MD/DE
Freedmans Bank Records 1865-1874
Freedmen's Bureau
Freedmen's Bureau Marriages 1815-1869
African American in NC
Index to Slave Narratives
The AfriGeneas Homepage
IN African/American Genealogy
African American Studies
Randolph Slave Settlement-OH
Freed Slaves of John Randolph-Ohio
Large Slaveholders 1860
Library of Congress
African American Migration
USF Africana Heritage
The Root-Online Magazine
Union Colored Troops 1863-65
Underground Railroad
Underground Railroad-Wikipedia
Underground Railroad-Canada
Underground Railroad-Canada Images Railroad
Slavery to Freedom
Underground Railroad-Historica Canada
Underground Railroad-York University
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Churches - Religions
Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints

L.D.S. - Mary's Genealogy Treasures
L.D.S. Church Official Website
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Cyndi's List
Religion and Churches
Other Churches
Catholic Internet Directory Site
Parochial School Directory
United Church Archives
Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms
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Cyndi's List
Cyndi's List Homepage
Acadian, Cajun & Creole
African Americans
Germans From Russia
Native Americans
Pilgrims/Mayflower/Plymouth Colony
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Federation of East
European Family
History Societies

FEEFHS Homepage
Resource Directory Map
Map Library
By Ethnic/Religious Groups
Germans from Russia
By Region
Banat Resources
Bukovina Resources
Carpotho-Rus Esources
Galicia Resources
By Country
Albania Genealogy Resources
Armenia Genealogy Resources
Austria Genealogy Resources
Belarus Genealogy Resources
Bosnia Genealogy Resources
Bulgaria Genealogy Resources
Croatia Genealogy Resources
Czech Genealogy Resources
Denmark Genealogy Resources
Estonia Genealogy Resources
Finland Genealogy Resources
Georgia Genealogy Resources
Germany Genealogy Resources
Greece Genealogy Resources
Hungary Genealogy Resources
Kosovo Genealogy Resources
Latvia Genealogy Resources
Lithuania Genealogy Resources
Macedonia Genealogy Resources
Moldova Genealogy Resources
Montenegro Genealogy Resources
Norway Genealogy Resources
Poland Genealogy Resources
Romania Genealogy Resources
Russia Genealogy Resources
Servia Genealogy Resources
Slovakia Genealogy Resources
Slovenia Genealogy Resources
Sweden Genealogy Resources
Switzerland Genealogy Resources
Ukraine Genealogy Resources
Other Countries
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Germans from Russia
Odessa Germans from Russia

Odessa Library Homepage
Odessa Document Index
The Christian Fiess Indices
Odessa Collections
Odessa Collections
Article Index
Articles and Links
Bessarabian Collection
Census Records
Church Records
Family Histories
Gedcom Files
History Books
Land Records
References for Researchers
St. Petersburg Archives
Village Records
Village Histories
War Documents
Other Germans From Russia Sites
AHS of Germans From Russia
Famous Germans from Russia
FEEFHS Germans From Russia
Germans From Russia - Cyndi"s List
Germans from Russia-Wikipedia
History of Germans in Russia
     -Russia, Ukraine, Soviet Union-Wikipedia
Ger-Rus People In/Out of Canada
Janet's Germans from Russia Research
German Immigration to Canada 1887
US Obits
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Huguenot - Cyndi's List
National Huguenot Society
Huguenot & Walloon
Huguenot Society
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FEEFHS Genealogy Resources
FEEFHS Hutterite Genealogy Resources
Hutterite Genealogy Primer
S.S. Pomerania Hamburg Passengers 1877
Hutterites Family Records 1700's-1874
Hutterite Pioneer Surnames
Founding Families
Hutterite Localities in Europe
Hutterite Place Names with German Equivalents
Place Names Eastern Europe 1973
Schmiedeleut Colonies No. America 1973
Schmiedeleut Colonies 1997
Dariusleut Colonies No. America 1973
Lehrerleut Colonies No. America 1973
Society of Brethren Place Names
More Hutterite Sites
Crystal Spring Colony
Hutterite - Wikipedia
Hutterites-Canadian Encyclopedia
Felger Hutterite Colony
Wilson Hutterite Colony
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Jewish Resources
Archives and Libraries
American Jewish Archives
Judaica Libraries-Archives
History of the Jewish People CAHJP)
Jewish Virtual Library
The Jewish Virtual Library
Search Mendele Archives
The World Holocaust Remembrance Center
Consolidated Jewish Surname Index

Jewish Cemetery Assoc. MA
International Jewish Cemetery Project
Homepage of Jewish Genealogy
jewishGen Communities Database
Family Tree of Jewish People
JewishGen Databases
JewishGen Holocaust Database
JewishGen Family Finder Database
Jewish Records Indexing Poland
Jewishgen Discussion Group
JewishGen Holocaust Registry
Worldwide Burial Registry
London's Museum of Jewish Life
The Simon Wiesenthal Center
Jewish Websites
American Jewish History
Australian Jewish genealogy
Center for Jewish History-NY
FEEFHS Jewish Resources
Forgotten Holocaust
Hebrew National Orphan Home-Wikipedia
History-Jews in Egypt-Wikipedia
International Tracing Service
Jewish - Cyndi's List
Jewish Life in Canada
Caribbean Websites
Lomza Yizkor Book Index
Routes to Roots
Sephardic Genealogy Sources
Jewish Societies
Historical Society Jews from Egypt
JewishGen Jewish Genealogical Society
International Assoc. Jewish Gen. Society
Netherlands Society Jewish Genealogy
Jewish Genenealogical Soc. Great Britain
Routes To Roots Foundation
Western Canada Jewish Heritage Centre
Jewish Genenealogical Soc. of Montreal
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Mennonite Archives of Ontario
Mennonite Church USA Archives
Bethal KS College Library/Archives
Mennnonite Historical Soc. AB Archives
Cemetery and Obituary Records
Mennonite Obituaries
Manitoba Cemetery Records-AFHS
Der Bote Obits/Death Index 1924-2008
Index of Saskatchewan Cemeteries
Spring Valley Cemetery-Newport Washinton
Census Records
Unruh's Black Sea Area 1795 - 1814
1835 Index Molotschna Census
1835 Molotschna Colony Census
Church Records
Archives of the Mennonite Church
Index of Heads of Household
CA Colonization Registration Forms 1923-30
CA Colonization Registration Forms 1947-64
Canadian Conf. Mennonite Brethren
Mennonite Church Canada
Mennonite Historical Society AB
Mennonite Historical Society
Censuses Records
Church Records
Mennonite Finding Aids
Health Records
Immigration Letters
Online Resources
Photo Gallery
Post Cards from the Past
Resident Lists
Travesties of WWII
Vital Records
Passenger Lists

Mennonite Genealogy Resources
Mennonite Genealogy Rsources
Mennonite Immigrants-Canada
Mennonites Departing Hamburg 1890-98
Mennonites to Quebec 1874-80
Mennonites to Quebec 1881-96-Cathy Barkman
Complete Passengers QC 1881-96-Darren Enns
Mennonites To Canada 1900-1914
Chortitza to Molotschna 1816-35/1835-50)
Miscellaneous Immigration Records
The Mennonite Passenger Lists 1872-1904 Mennonite Genealogy Resources
Mennonite Genealogy Resources
Canadian Mennonite Gen. Res.
International Mennonite Gen.. Resources
Latin America Mennonite Gen.. Resources
Poland Mennonite Gen.. Resources
Prussia Mennonite Gen.. Resources
Russia Mennonite Gen.. Resources
Surname Research
Mennonite Forum
Mennonite Genealogy Data Index
Mennonite Genealogy Data Index
Canada Resources
Austria Resources
Alberta Resources
British Columbia Resources
Manitoba Resources
Ontario Resources
Saskatchewan Resources
Other Provinces
Poland Resources
Prussia/Germany Resources
Russia Resources
Chortitza, Russia
Crimea, Russia
Molotschna, Russia
Yazykovo, Russia
Other Russia
Mennonite Family Trees Online
Mennonite Societies
AB Mennonite Historical Society
MB Mennonite Historical Society
BC Mennonite Historical Society
CA Mennonite Historical Society
SK Mennonite Historical Society
Canadian Mennonite University Library
Mennonite Heritage Centre
Mennonite Brethren Herald
Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia
Mennonite Net
Mennonite - Cyndi's List
Mennonites in Galicia
Mennonites in WWI
PA and Mennonite Research Corner
Olive Tree Genealogy - Mennonite Section
Plett Foundation
Mennonite Links
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Loyalists - Cyndi's List
Arrival of Loyalists in Canada
Departure of Black Loyalists
Loyalists & American Revolution
Loyalists-Canada History
Loyalist-Early Pioneer Families of Ontario
Loyalists-the First Refugees-1775-1812
Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies
Loyalist Muster Roll Index
Loyalist Images
Olive Tree-Loyalists
United Empire Loyalists-Wikipedia
United Empire Loyalists' Assoc. Canada
United Empire Loyalists-Toronto
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Native Groups and
People of Canada
and United States

Great Indian Battles
Temple Hill Indian Battle
Whoop-up Massacre
Blackfoot Cree Battle
Great Indian Chiefs
Chief Bull Head
Chief Bull Head (Stamikso--Toosan)
Chief Crowfoot
Chief Crowfoot (Isapo-Muxika)
Chief Crowfoot-HomePage Kainai Tribe
Chief Piapot
Chief Piapot (Payepot)
Chief Poundmaker
Chief Poundmaker
The North West Rebellion
Queen's Own Rifles of Canada
Chief Red Crow
Chief Red Crow
Red Crow Memorial Cairn
Chief Shot-On-Both-Sides
Chief Shot-On-Both-Sides
Mountain Chief-Blackfoot
Mountain Chief (Ninastoko) Blackfoot
1870 Marias Massacre in Montana
Individual Native Histories
Jerry Potts
NATAWISTA (Natawista Iksana)
Tom Three Persons
First Nations
Assembly of First Nations Homepage
First Nations- Wikipedia
Village of First Nations
Alberta/Canada Native History
Blackfoot Winter Count
Bloods-Chronology of Education
Blood Reserve Cemeteries
Early History and Stories-Del Bonita
Indians of Western Plains
Kainai Blood Tribe
Native History - Fort Macleod, Alberta
Native Residents of Spring Coulee
Indian Visitation
Treaty 7 Tribal Council
Libraries and Archives Canada
Bands & Agencies in Western CA
Index of Bands in Western CA
Index of Agencies in Western CA
Index of Inspectorate & Regional Offices
Index by Language and Band
British Columbia
Louis Riel & Red River Rebellion
Treaties, Surrenders, Agreements
Collections Canada
Aboriginal Soldiers in the First World War
Aboriginal Peoples-Guide to Records
Bands and Agencies
Indian Reserves in Western CA
Métis Scrip Records
Treaty 8
Cherokee History
Cherokee Census Rolls
The Cherokee Nations
All Things Cherokee
Trail of Tears
The Cherokee Mounted Rifles
No. American Native Sites
American Indian
American Indian Online Genealogy
Choctaw Families-Census-Resources
Civil War-Indian Territory
Creek Nation
Indian/Native Americans/U.S. National Archives
Native American-Cyndi's List
Native American Genealogy
Native American Resources
Olive Tree- Mohawk
People of the Three Fires
Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Center
Study of Creek Indians
Tracing Native American Family Roots
Virtual Library-Americans Index-LOC
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Olive Tree Palatine Passengers
Our German Palatine Heritage
Palatine Immigration to Pennsylvania
Palatine Passenger Lists
Palatine/Pennsylvania Dutch Genealogy
Palatines in NYC 1710
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Quaker Genealogical Research
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Friends General Conference
Quaker Abbreviations
Quaker Bookstores
Quaker Mailing Lists
Religious Society of Friends
William Penn House
Cyndis' List - Quakers
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A Page about Freemasonry
Chinese Immigration-Chinese in U.S.
Icelandic Colony 1887
Olive Tree's Genealogy Index
On the Trail of Ancestors
Scandinavian Immigrants-Canada 1887
Ukrainian Internments 1914-20
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