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The Rooms Archives
The Rooms Archive
Collections and Research
Genealogy Research
Parish Records Finding Aid
Other Archives
Archives of Canada
Association NL & Labrador Archives
Memorial University
Libraries/Archives/Museums-Cyndi's List
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Births, Deaths

Pike Names Carbonear/Harbour Grace
Surnames BDM Newspapers 1810-90
Vital Rec.
Vital Stats by District-NL Grand Banks
NL Vital Records-NL/Labrador Gen. Records Online
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NL Grand Banks
NL's Grand Banks Cemeteries
NL's Grand Banks Lost Cemeteries
NL Newspaper Obits
Holyrood Genealogy Site
Holy Cross Cemetery-Conception Bay
Kennedy's Lane Cemetery-Holyrood
North Side Road Cemetery-Holyrood
Other Cemetery/Obits
FHS Cemetery Transcriptions
FHS Headstone Search
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Census Records
Fishing Rooms of Greenspond 1805-6
Grand Bank Parish Records
Canada Census-NL Connection
Bonavista Bay Fishing Inhabitants 1805-6
Census/Fishing Rooms/Planter Listings
David Pike's Website
1753 Census-English Harbour
1921 Census Index Microfilm Reels
1921 Census NL-Carbonear
1921 Census Champney's East-Arm
1921 Census Champney's West
1921 Census English Harbour/Green Bay
1921 Census St. John's East
1921 Census St. John's West
1935 Census Index Microfilm Reels
1935 Census Champney's East/Arm
1935 Census English Harbour/Horse Chops
1945 Census Index Microfilm Reels
1945 Census Charmpney's East/Arm
1945 Census English Harbour
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Church Records
Religion, Society, Culture NL
David Pikes Homepage
Daivid Pikes Homepage
Missing Parish Registers-English Harbour
Register St. Silas English Harbor
Pike Names Church Records
Grand Bank Parish Records
Parish Records by District
St. Georgia's Parish Records
Vital Statistics by District
Newfoundlanders-Other Countries
Methodist Ministers-Brigus 1804-1963
NL Church Rec. 1793-1945
Church record transcripts-1753-1893
Miscellaneous Church Records
Anglicans, Puritans, Quakers 1600/1700
Conception Bay North Parish Records
Methodism in Newfound/labrador
Native Religions of NL
Religion/Society/Culture NL
Roman Catholic Archdiocese Archives
English Parish-Crews NL Fishery 1269-1930
The Rooms Archives
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Court Records
Court Rec. by District-NL Grand Banks
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Maritime History Archives
Maritime History Archives Homepage
Index Newfoundland Captains 1820-89
Crew lists and logbooks
NL Crew Lists Database
Crew List Index Search
Virtual Exhibits & Digital Collections
NL Grand Banks Databases
Planters Fogo/Change Island 1700-1825
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NL Grand Banks Directories
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Ethnic/Native/Cultural Groups
Mi'Maq People of NL
The Mi'kmaq (Micmac
History of the NL Mi'kmaq
Pre-Contact Mikmaq Land Use
Mi'kmaq Organizations/Land Claims
NL Mi'kmaq Family History/Gen.
Mikmaq Books
Mi'kmaq People-Wikipedia
Mi'kmaq Culture and History
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NL Grand Banks History
District Photo Album
Historical Information for NL
Printed Heritage of NL
Religion, Society, Culture of NL
Printed Heritage of NL
Brief Discourse of New-found-land
Discourse/Discovery New-Found-Land
Maritime History Archive
Heritage Homepage

Newfoundland/Labrador Heritage
Introduction: Newfoundland
Natural Environment
Aboriginal Peoples
Society, Economy, Culture
Exploration & Settlement
Government & Politics
The Arts
Newfoundland Disasters
Atlantic Disasters-Wikipedia
1914 Sealing Disaster
1929 Grand Banks/Earthquake/Tsunami
Newfoundland Disasters
Newfoundland Tsunami 1929
Ocean Ranger Disaster
NL Marine Disasters/Shipwrecks
1892 Trinity Bay Disaster
Other History Sites
Biographies, History-Dr. Mel Baker's Site
Mummering in Newfoundland/Labrador
History-Northern Cod Fishery
The Thomas Coles Collection
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Land Records
Land Records of Avalon South
Land Transactions Calvert, Caplin Bay
Land Land Grants-NL Grand Banks
Plantation Book of Carbonear
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and Museums

Memorial University Libraries
NL Public Libraries
The Rooms Museums
Museum Association NL
List of Museums in NL-Wikipedia
NL Museums
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Mailing Lists
Message Boards

NL Mailing List
NL GenWeb Message Boards
Newfoundland Mailing Lists
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Regional Map NL-NL GenWeb
Interactive Map NL
NL Maps, Satellite Images
Large NL Map
Labrador/Newfoundland Maps
Maps-NL Grand Banks
Place Names
Regional Map NL-NL Genweb
Municipalities in NL-Wikipedia
Community Names NL-Grand Banks
Funny Newfoundland Town Names
Newfoundland Flag
Flags of Newfoundland/Labrador
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Veterans Affairs Canada
Books of Remembrance
Memorial Book Search
Canadian Military Memorials
NL National Memorial
Military Heritage
National War Memorial NL
NL Military-NL GenWeb
Newfoundland Grand Banks Site
Pre WWI Forces in Newfoundland
Royal Newfoundland Regiment
Newfoundland Forestry Corps
Royal Newfoundland Navy
Newfoundlanders in World War I
Newfoundlanders in World Military Forces
Newfoundlanders Who Served in WW II
NL Books of Remembrance
NL Books of Remembrance
First World War
WW I-Decorative Pages
Second World War
WW II-Decorative Pages
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Newspapers in Newfoundland
Newfoundland Newspapers Online
NL Newspapers/News Media
Newspapers Transcriptions-Grand Banks
Saint John's - The Evening Telegram
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Passenger Lists
and Ships

Passenger Lists/Ships-NL Grand Banks
Newfoundland Immigrants-NL Grand Banks
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
The Ships List
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Family History Society of NL
Newfoundland Historical Society
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Surname Lists
Maritime History Archive
Surnames of Births, Deaths, Marriages
Keith Matthews Name Files, 1500-1850
Surnames from Ships/Seafarers 1787-1936
Surnames BDM Newspapers 1810-90
Newfoundland Grand Banks
NL Surnames pior to 1675
NL Genealogy Research Forum
Miscellaneous Surnames
Newfoundland Surnames-NL/Labrador GenWeb
Most Common Names in NL Cemeteries
Family Names of Calvert, NL
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Voter's Lists
Voter's List 1832-1900-NL's Grand Banks
Voter's Lists-Library & Archives Canada
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Wills/Estates/land Deeds
NL GenWeb
Avalon South Region
Bonavista Bay Region
Burin Peninsula Region
Central Newfoundland Region
Conception Bay North Region
Fortune Bay Region
Labrador Region
Notre Dame Bay Region
Northern Peninsula Region
Placentia Bay Region
South Coast Region
West Coast Region
White Bay Region
Unknown Regions
NL Grand Banks Website
Newfoundland Wills Index 1830-1962
NL Wills A 1830-1962
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Canadian Genealogy History/Links
Institute Social Economic Research
Newfoundland's Grand Banks
Newfoundlanders to United States
Provincial Government of NL
Newfoundland/Labrador-Cyndi's List
Pike Names
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Labrador GenWeb

Newfoundland/Labrador GenWeb
Avalon South GenWeb
Avalon South GenWeb
By District
St. Mary's Bay
Southern Shore
Conception Bay
St. John's
Bonavista Bay GenWeb
Bonavista Bay
By District
Bonavista North
Bonavista South
Burin Peninsula GenWeb
Burin Peninsula GenWeb
by District
Grand Band/Lawn
Central Newfoundland GenWeb
Conception Bay North GenWeb
Conception Bay North GenWeb
By District
Bay Roberts
Harbour Grace
Harbour Main
Fortune Bay GenWeb
Fortune Bay GenWeb
By District
St. Bernard's
Harbour Breton
Labrador GenWeb
Labrador GenWeb
By District
North & South Coast
Straits & Interior
Northern Peninsula GenWeb
Northern Peninsula GenWeb
By District
St Anthony
St. Barbe North
St. Barbe South
Bonne Bay
Notre Dame Bay GenWeb
Notre Dame Bay GenWeb
By District
Fogo / Twillingate
Notre Dame Bay West/Exploits
Placentia Bay GenWeb
Placentia Bay GenWeb
By District
Placentia Bay West
Placentia Bay East
Upper Placentia
South Coast GenWeb
South Coast GenWeb
By District
Burgeo West
Ramea East
Hermitage Bay
Trinity Bay GenWeb
Trinity Bay GenWeb
By District
Trinity North
Trinity South
Upper Trinity North
Upper Trinity South
West Coast GenWeb
West Coast GenWeb
By District
Bay of Islands
Port au Port
Bay St. George
White Bay GenWeb
White Bay GenWeb
By District
Northern Peninsula East
White Bay
Baie Verte
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