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Taxation Rolls Miscellaneous NSGenWeb

Archives and Museums
Archives Canada-NS Resources
Canadian National Archives
NS Archives

Nova Scotia Archives
NS Virtual Archives Online Tour
Antigonish Heritage Museum
Cumberland Co. Museum/Archives
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Nova Scotia Archaeology Museum
Nova Scotia Museum
Parkdale Maplewood Museum
Queens County Liverpool Museum
Yarmouth City Museum/Archives
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Births, Deaths,

Nova Scotia Archives
Halifax Explosion Deaths
Halifax and the Titanic Victims
Divorce/Matrimonial 1759-1960
Halifax Medical Examiner 1895-1974
Nova Scotia Mine Fatalities, 1838-1992
List of Bodies titanic disaster
Titanic Fatality Report
Other BDM
Births, Deaths, Marriages Search
Halifax Explosion FAQ
Halifax Explosion-Wikipedia
Cumberland Co. Vital Records
Births, Deaths, Marriages
Joggins & Vacinity
Cumberland/Colchester Twp. BDM
Lunenburg & Queens County BMD
Marriage and Death Records
Chester Township Book
Births/Family Records 1762-1820
Publishments/Marriages 1774-1816
Deaths/Burials 1775-1818
Pictou County Vital Records
Births/Baptisms at Barney's River Free
Marriages 1812-83 Candlish Church
Marriages by Rev. James McGregor
Surnames Barney's River, Deaths 1864-77
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Cape Breton
1811-1901 Census Various Counties
1713-58 Louisbourg Fortress Parish Rec.
Cape Breton Loyalists
Cape Breton Cemetery Transcriptions
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Cemetery Records
Annapolis County
Annapolis County Cemetery Listings
Antigonish County
Anglican Church Cemetery, Bayfield
Christ Church Cemetery, Linwood
Glen Bard Cemetery, James River
Heatherton Cemetery, Old Section
Marydale Cemetery
St. Andrew's Cemetery, Old Section
St. Patrick's Church Cemetery, Merland
St. Peter's Catholic Church Cem. Tracadie
Stewart Cemetery
Tracadie Church "Old" Cemetery
Antigonish County Cemetaries
Lunenburg County
Chester New Baptist Cemetery
Chester Basin Old Baptist Cemetery
Lunenburg County Cemetery Listings
Pictou County
Beaton Cemetery, Millbrook
Black River Cemetery
Blanchard Road Cemetery
Brookville Cemetery
Burial Point Cemetery
East River St. Mary's
Eden Lake Cemetery
Fox Brook Private Cemetery
Fraser Cemetery, Blanchard Road
Gunn Cemetery, Eden Lake
Hattie Cemetery, Avondale
Hillside Cemetery, Trenton
Hodson Cemetery, Hodson
Kenzieville Cemetery
McKenzie Cemetery, Salt Springs
McLean Cemetery, Hopewell
Meiklefield Cemetery, Meiklefield
Murray Point Cemetery
Old Cemetery, Salt Springs
Pictou Island Pioneer Cemetery
Pictou Island Presbyterian Cemetery
Rocky Mountain Cemetery
Roman Cath. Cemetery, Merigomish
Salt Springs Cemetery
Stone Book of Pictou County
Victoria County
Breton Cove/No. Shore/Mac Askill Cemeteries
Indian Brook/Mac Donald's Cemeteries
Pioneer/Pinehill Cemeteries
Other Cemeteries/Tombstones
Cemetery Rec.-Searchable Databases
Cumberland Cemetery Index
Athol Cemetery, Cumberland County
60,000 Tombstones NB and NS
Churches/Cemeteries of Maritimes
Congregational Burial Ground Liverpool NS
Digby County Cemeteries
Guyborough County Cemeteries
Halifax County Cemeteries
Halifax City & County Cemetieries
Halifax Co. Hillcrest Cemeteries
Shelburne Co. Cemetery Inscrip.
Methodist Burials Liverpool NS
St James Anglican Boutilier's Point
Death Notices/Obits
Springhill News/Advertiser/Springhill Aft. 1914
Deaths Early Pictou Co. Settlers
Lunenburg County Obituaries
Nova Scotia Burials 1946-2006-NS GenWeb
Stewiacke-area deaths-NS GenWeb
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Census Records
Library and Archives Canada
1851 Census NS and NB
1861 Census PE,NS,NB,Canada East/West
1871 Census NB, NS, ON, QC
Nova Scotia Archives
Assessment-Poll Tax 1776-1827
Census Returns 1767-1838
Census Returns Granville 1772-73
Census Returns 1811, 1817, 1818
Census Returns 1827
Census Returns 1838
Halifax Valuation Real Estate 1775/76
Shelburn Assessment 1786/1787
Poll Tax Records 1791-1795
Useful Maps for Poll Tax area
Miscellaneous Census Records
Acadian Census 1698-1891
1761 Irish Immigrant List, Colchester Co.
1770-1787 Census Nova Scotia
1770-1901 Census-Pictou Co
1838 Census Nova Scotia
1861-1911 Census Cumberland Co.
1817-1911 Census-NS GenWeb
1871 Halifax East Download
1881 Boularderie Download
1901 Halifax Explosion-Automated Gen.
NS Census on Microfilm
Halifax Co. Census Transcrip.
Antgonish County
1891 Census Zip File
1891 Census
Inverness County
1881 Census Inverness Co.
1891 Census Inverness Co.
Lunenburg County
Lunenburg Co. NS Genealogy
Lunenburg Co. Census Rec.
1783 Chester
1861 Mill Cover
1861-1891 Tancook Island
1871 Mahone Bay
1871 Lundenburg District K
1881 Blockhouse Div. 1/2/3
1881 Mill Cove
1891 Mill Cove
1901 Baker Settlement New Dublin
1901 Barss Corner District B
1901 Blockhouse District C
1901 Blue Rocks
1901 Chester Basin District 1
1901 East Chester, District J
1901 North Bridgewater
1901 Western Shore District J1
1901 West Chester, District K
1901 Mill Cove, District W
1901 New Ross District Z
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Church Records
Cumberland Co. GenWeb
1897-1900 Births/Deaths First Baptist
Parrsboro-Maccan Marr. Rec. 1832-94
Wallace Marr. Index 1832-64
Westchester Meeting House 1834-55
Nova Scotia Archives
Church Rec. Searchable Databases
St. Jean-Baptiste Regist. 1702-55
Pictou Co.
Baptisms Rev. James MacGregor
Marriages Rev. James McGregor
Lunenburg Co.
Church Records
Antigonish Catholic Diocese, 1823-1905
Other Parish Records
Fortress Louisbourg Parish 1713-1758
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Court Records/Probates/

Appeal Casebooks 1885-1900
Registrars of Deeds
Registrars of Probate
Probate Records Annapolis Co.
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Databases, Surname Lists
Fortress Louisbourg Parish Records 1713-58)
From Montbéliard to a New World
Halifax Explosion Remembrance Book
Planter Studies Database
Surnames 1864-77 Barney's River, Pictou Co.
Nova Scotia Surname Registries
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Canadian Directories
McAlpine's NS Directory Colchester Co.1907-08
McAlpine's Maritine Provinces 1870-71
Hutchinson's Direct. Extracts 1864-67
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Ethnic Records
Canada First Nations-Mi'kmaq
Canada First
Mi'kmaq Culture
Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection
Micmac Indians/Mi’kmaq First Nation
Scots in New Scotland-NS Canada
Nova Scotia Acadians
Acadians Deportation
History of the Acadians
Nova Scotia Archives
Acadian Parish Remembered
Acadian Parish Reborn
St. Jean-Baptiste Registers 1702-1755
Acadian/Cajun Gen. History
History of the Acadians
Exile Destination: Nova Scotia
Adadian/Cajun/Creole Sites
Acadian, Cajun & Creole-Cyndi's List
Experience our Acadian History
Acadian Timeline in NS
African Nova Scotians
African Nova Scotia Museum
Black Migration
Nova Scotia Black Cultural Center
Black Loyalists Migration
Nova Scotia Archives
Records of Black Settlement 1791-1839
African Nova Scotia Diaspora
Other Sites
Black Nova Scotians
Departure of Black Loyalists
Canadian Museum of Immigration-Pier 21
Black Refugees of NS
Nova Scotia Loyalists
Arrival Loyalists in Canada-UOttawa
Black Loyalists Migration
Departure of Black Loyalists
Flight of Loyalists to Canada-Winslow Papers
Index to Nova Scotia Loyalists-Olive Tree
Loyalists: Historical Content-AVCA
Westchester Loyalists 1784-Cumberland Genweb
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Nova Scotia Provincial Government
Birth Death Marriage Certificates
Genealogy-Births, Deaths, Marriages
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Antigonish Gen/Historic Interest
Pictou County Reminiscences
Early Pictou History
Halifax and Its People 1749-1999
Nova Scotia Shipwrecks
History of Nova Scotia
The Pages of Blupete
History of Scots in New Scotland-NS
Scottish Culture/Heritage: New Scotland
Other Websites
Antecdotal Histories of Life Lunenburg Co.
Maritime History Archive
New England
Halifax Citadel
The Titanic-Unsinkable Ship-Halifax
Halifax Exploslion Dec. 6, 1917
The Halifax Explosion-Wikipedia
Halifax Explosion-Dec 6/1917
Halifax Explosion of 1917
Halifax Explosion Remembrance Book
Maritime Museum
Ships of Halifax Explosion
Halifax Explosion Info Sheet
Halifax Explosion FAQ
Halifax Explosion Research Links
Vincent Coleman and Halifax Explosion
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Immigration, Emigration,
Ships, Passenger Lists

Family Roots of Pictou &
Antigonish Co. Website

Passenger Ships 1767-1849
Passenger Lists to Pictou Co.
"Commerce" Passenger List - 1803
"Dove"Passenger List - 1801
"Elizabeth & Ann" Pass.Lists - 1806
"Ellen" Passenger List - 1848
"Hector" Passenger List - 1773
"Hope" Passenger List - 1848
"Humphreys" Passenger List - 1806
"Isle of Skye" Passenger List - 1806
"London" Pass. List - April 11, 1848
"London" Passenger List - July 14th, 1848
"Lovely Nelly" - 1774 & 1775
"Lulan" Passenger List - 1848
"Oughton" Passenger List - 1804
Sarah" Passenger List - 1801
"Spencer" Passenger List - 1806
"British Queen" Passenger List - 1790
"Jane" left Drimindarach,Scotland 7/12/1790
Lucy" Sailed with "Jane" in 1790
Pass. Lists of Foreign Protestants
Lunenburg Co. N.C. Genweb
Index to Pass. Lists, Lunenburg Co. A-L, M-Z
Foreign Names Arriving with Cornwallis 1749
"Alderney or Nancy" Passenger List
"Ann" Pass. List-99 Families June 1750
"Gale" Pass. List-123 Families June 1751
"Speedwell" Pass. List-73 Families May 1751
"Pearl" Pass. List-85 Families July 1751
"Murdoch" Pass. List-100 Families June 1751
"Speedwell" Pass. List-59 Families May 1752
"Betty" Pass. List-59 Families May 1752
"Sally" Pass. 119 Families May 1752 List
"Pearl" Pass. List-85 Families June 1751
"Gale" Pass. List-85 Families June 1752
Foreign Names Arriving 1749
Misc. Passenger Lists/Immigrants
Cyndi's List
Ships and Passenger Lists

Find My Past - $
British Outbound Passengers
Travel & Migration

Library & Archives Canada
Immigration & Citizenship Search
Citizenship Registration 1851-1945
Naturalization Records 1915-1951
Home Children 1869-1930
Grosse Île Quarantine Station 1832-1937
Immigrants before 1865
Immigrant from China 1885-1949
Immigrants from Russian Empire 1898-1922
Montreal Emigrant Society 1832
Immigrants Porters & Domestics 1899-1949
Naturalization 1828-1850-Upper/West Canada
Ukrainian Immigrants, 1891-1930
Passenger Lists
Passenger Lists/Border Entries 1925-1935
Port Quebec City/Other Ports 1865-1922
Passenger Lists 1865-1922
Pier 21
Pier 21 1928-1971 1 million Immigrants
Pier 21 Ship Arrival Database
Pier 21 Name Search

Immigrants Transcribers Guild
Immigrants Transcribers Guild
Halifax NS Ships 1851-1872
Each of the following Volumes are
listed by years, (1600, 1700, 1800, 1900),
Ships Name, Port of Departure, Port of Arrival,
Captain's Name, also by Surname and
Captain's Name.
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
Volume 7
Volume 8
Volume 9
Volume 10
Volume 11
Volume 12
Volume 13
Volume 14
Nova Scotia & Pictou County GenWeb
Cornwallis Ships to Halifax-1749
1815 Emigrants From Great Britain
"Aurora" Bound for Australia 1852
Other Passenger List Records
African Americans to NS
Immigration &$
Canada Passenger Lists
Immigrants to Canada
Irish settlers in Colchester Co. 1762
Passenger Lists Index-Olive Tree
Ships from NS/PEI to New Zealand
The ShipsList-Passenger lists
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Land Grants
Library and Archives Canada
Gaspé Land Commission
    Names of claimants 1819-1825
Land Boards of Upper Canada, 1765-1804
Nova Scotia Archives
Nova Scotia Land Petitions 1765-1800
Cape Breton Island Petitions 1787-1843
Other land Records
Crown Land Grants-Cumberland Co
NS Commissioner of Crown Lands fonds
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Acadia Univ. Library, Wolfville, N.S.
Annapolis Valley Regional Library
Cape Breton Regional Library
Colchester-East Hants Regional Library
Cumberland Regional Library
Dartmouth Family History Centre
Eastern Counties Regional Library
Halifax Public Libraries
Hytelnet Library Catalogs NS
Nova Scotia Provincial Library
Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library
Planter Studies Centre 8000 Res. 1759-74
South Shores Public Libraries
St Mary's University Databases
Western Counties Regional Library
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Mailing Lists
N.S. Mailing Lists
NSROOTS Mailing List
NA Pictou-L Mailing List
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Maps and Gazetteers
Canadian Geographic Names Search
Pictou Co. Villages, Place Names
County Map of Nova Scotia
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American Prisoners War of 1812
Nominal Enlist. Rolls by Parishes War 1914-19
Fort Anne-Wikipedia
Fort Edward-Wikipedia
Halifax County Books of Remembrance
Lunenburg Co., Nova Scotia Monuments
Lunenburg Co., Nova Scotia Muster Rolls
1807-65 Annual Returns British Regiments-NS
1783-1791 37th Regiment of Discharged British
Nova Scotia Military Regiments
Ward Chipman Muster Master's Office 1777-85
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Nova Scotia Newspapers
The Halifax Chronicle
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Organizations, Societies
and Groups

Cape Breton Gen. & Historical Assoc.
Cape Sable Historical Society
Chester Municipal Heritage Society
Genealogical Association of NS
Hantsport and Area Historical Society
Pictou County Roots Society
Royal NS Historical Society
Shelburne Co. Genealogical Society
West Hants Historical Society
Yarmouth County Historical Society
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Taxation Rolls
1791-1795 Poll Tax
Shelburne & Communities 1786/87
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NS Gen. Books-Library of Congress
NS Gen. Records Online
NS Genealogy Resources
Cape Breton Genealogical Resources
Cyndi's List - Nova Scotia Sites
Family Roots of Pictou Co. NS
Lunenburg Co. NS Genealogy
Nathaniel Smith Letters
Names & Places of NS
Tancook Island
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Nova Scotia GenWeb
Nova Scotia GenWeb
Annapolis County GenWeb
Antigonish County GenWeb
Cape Breton Counties GenWeb
Colchester County GenWeb
Cumberland County GenWeb
Digby County GenWeb
Guysborough County GenWeb
Halifax County GenWeb
Hants County GenWeb
Kings County GenWeb
Lunenburg County GenWeb
Pictou County GenWeb
Queens County GenWeb
Shelburne County GenWeb
Yarmouth County GenWeb
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