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Research Helps

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Canada Abreviations
England and Wales Abreviations
Quaker Abreviations
United States Abreviations
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Archives and Libraries
Archives of Australia
Genealogical Research Library
LDS Family History Centers
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Calculator, Calendars

Age Calculator
Birthdate Calculator
Convert Old-New Dates
Day of the Week Calculator
Perpetual Calendar
Roman Numeral Converter
Tombstone Birthdate Calculator
Calendar Converter
Calendars/Dates-Cyndi's List
Calendar Zone
Create Calendar For Any Year
Calculators/Date/Calendar Tools
French Revolutionary Calendar
Ancestor Time Capsule
Archive Timelines History
Create a Timeline
Time Lines
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Census Records
Mary's Genealogy Treasures
U.S. Census Records
Canada Census Records
Census Records Worldwide
USGenWeb Census Project
USGenweb Census Inventory Index
USGenWeb State Index
USGenWeb Census Search Engine
Cyndi's List
Canada Census
U.S. Census
Census Related Sites U.S.
Census Related Sites Worldwide
U.K. and Ireland
Secrets of the Census
Info. Collected by Each Census
European Census Records
Other Census Websites
Census Finder
U.S. Census Online
Census Links
Census Tools
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Charts and Forms
Charts in Adobe PDF format
Cyndi's List-Free Stuff
Deed Research Notes
Download Forms
Forms and Charts
Genealogy Forms
Interview Tracking Form
Supplies, Charts, Forms-Cyndi's List
Steve Morse One-Step forms
Where to Write in U.S.
Divorce Decree
Birth Certificate
Death Certificate
Marriage License

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Chat Information-Cyndi's List
IRC Locations
IRC for Newbies using Windows
Skype Download
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Citing Sources
Cite Your Genealogy Sources
Citation Guides
Citations Quick Reference
How to Site Sources
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Copyright Renewal Database
10 Big Myths about Copyright
U.S. Copyright Office
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Create Genealogy Websites
Convert Gedcom to HTML
Create A Free Website Using Dropbox
Create A Genealogy Web Page
Free Genealogy Website Hosting
Free ProHosting
How to Put your Genealogy Online
Make a Family Tree Website
Make a Genealogy Website
Publishing Your Genealogy Online
Put Your Genealogy Online

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Currency Calculator
How Much Was It
Inflation Calculator
Measuring Worth
Roman Numeral Converter
Universal Currency Converter
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Diseases, Remedies, Epidemics
Archaic Medical Terms
Epidemic Timeline
Epidemic Timeline
U.S. Epidemics
Worldwide Epidemics
Epidemics in US 1628-1918
Glossary of Diseases
Major U.S. Epidemics
Medical and Medicine
Old Diseases/Modern Definition
Plagues and Epidemics
Pioneer Diseases and Remedies
Illnesses and Remedies

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All-in-one dictionary search
Encyclopedia of Genealogy
Genealogy Glossary
Language Dictionaries Translators
One Look Dictionaries
Online Lanuage Dictionaries
Scottish Genealogical Terms
Yahoo Language Dictionaries
Ye Olde English Sayings
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555-1212 Yellow/White Pages
Canada 411
City Directories of U.S.
International Directories
Internet White/Yellow Pages
MyTelus Phone Book
People, Residential,Business
Telephone Directories on Web
Four11 Internet Pages
The Yellow Book
Yellow Pages/Phone #'s/E-mails
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Family Reunions
Planning Family Reunions
Reunion Magazine
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Free Software
Download Sites
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Fun Stuff
Death Test Websites
The Death Clock
Life Expectancy Age Maps
Genealogy Fun Stuff
Genealogy Fun Stuff Inc.
Anyday today-in-history
Who shares My First Name?
Behind the Name
MyHeritage Face Recognition
Genealogy Fun Time
Genealogy Research Humor
Genealogy Humor
Genealogy Humor
So You Want To Milk A Cow!
Genealogy Poems
Genealogy Poems
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Genealogy Blogs
Blog Tutorial
Genealogy Blogs 101
Blogging Your Family History Search
Genealogy Blog Finder

Genealogy Blog Websites
24-7 Family History Circle
Ancestor Search Blog Blog
Ancestry Insider
Boston 1775
California GS Blog
Creative Gene
Dear Myrtle
Dick Eastman's Online Newsletter
Genealogy Guys Podcast
Genealogy Insider-FamilyTree
Genealogy Roots Blog
Granite Genealogy Blog Spot
Kimberly's Genealogy Blog
Legacy News
Olive Tree Genealogy Blog
Renee's Genealogy Blog
Steve's Genealogy Blog
The Genealogue
Tracing the Tribe-Jewish Blog
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Genealogy Software

Personal Ancestral File
Legacy 5.0
Family Origins 6.0
Family Tree Maker
Reunion 8 for Macintosh
Ancestral Quest
The Master Genealogist (TMG)
Genealogy Software Reviewss
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Handwriting Information
Medieval Script
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Image Download Sites
Free-B-Kins Genealogy Graphics
Icon Bazaar
Rhio's Sampler
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Internet Terms/

Glossary of Internet Terms
Internet Language Dictionary
Netiquette Home Page
Core Rules of Netiquette
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Legal Documents
Land Records, Deeds, Homestead
Cyndi's List - Taxes
Cyndi's List -Wills, Probates
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Life Histories
Association Personal Historians
Oral History Questions
Preserving Memories
Story of My Life
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Magazines, Periodicals,
Journals, Books

Ancestry Magazine Online Free
Books, Periodcals, CD's
Books and Software-Ancrestry Store
Great Books Online
Cyndi's List-Books
Encyclopedia of Genealogy
Family Chronicle Magazine
Family History Magazine
Family History News
Family Tree Magazine-England
Family Tree Magazine
Gen Weekly
Family Tree Digest
Global Newsletter
Global Genealogy/History Shoppe
Gould Genealogy
Magazines, Journals, Newsletters
Dick Eastman's Newsletter
Reunions E-newsletter
RootsWeb Review
Storbeck's Books Maps CD-Rom
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1895 U.S. Atlas
Historical Maps-The Gold Bug
David Rumsey Historical Maps
Extinct Sovereign States, Countries, Etc
Family Chart Masters
Geographic Digital Maps
Geogen Surname Mapping
Global Genealogy Maps
Google Earth
Google Maps and Satellite Photos
Hargrett Rare Map Collection
Historic Country Names
Historical Atlas-Twentieth Century
Library of Congress Map Collections
National Geographic Maps
Maps-Geography Cyndi's List
MapQuest (Historical Maps)
Maps of Canada-Global Genealogy
Historical Maps and Gazetteers
Norman B. Leventhal Map Center
On-line Maps of UK
Panoramic Maps Collection
Perry-Castaeda Library Maps
Restored Historical Maps
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
Theasaurus Geographic Names
UN Maps of World
U.S. Census Bureau Map Data
USGS Maps/Imagery/Publications
Yahoo Maps

Interactive Maps
In Search of your Canadian Past
American Ethnic Geography
Map Your Ancestors
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Mailing Lists/

Mailing Lists
African American Gen
Genuki-Genealogy Discussion Groups
LDS-Genealogy-L Mailing List
Mailing Lists-Cyndi's List
Mailing Lists-John Fuller
Rootsweb Mailing Lists
Rootsweb Roots-L
Olive Tree Mailing Lists
Genhomepage Newsgroups
Kent Co. O.G.S Newsgroups
Newsgroups-Cyndi's List
Find a Group
Google Groups
Yahoo Groups
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Media Players
Real Audo Download Site
Media Player Download Site
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Message Boards
Ancestry Message Boards
Cyndi's List
Genealogy Register
Lutherans Online
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Understanding Symbols
Document Conservation Center
Online Genealogy bookstore
Pioneer Memorabilia
Postal Information-Worldwide
Teachers:20 Ways to Motivate Students to
Learn More about their Family History

Today in Weather History
US Postal Zip Codes
Writing an Effective Query
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Societies and Groups
Federation of Societies
Canadian Gen. Societies
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18th Century PA German Naming Customs
Colonial Naming Patterms
Colonial Naming Customs
Dutch Names
English Naming Patterns
Female Nicknames
Norwegian Naming Pattern
Naming Patterns and Culture
Nicknames/Naming Traditions
Spanish Naming Customs
Surname Thesaurus
US Naming Traditions
Various Countries Naming Customs
First Name Basis
Behind the Name
Last Names Meanings/Origins
Names - Cyndi's List Odd Names
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People Search
Adoptee/Kin Locators
Searching and Reuniting
Those Separated by Adoption-Reunited
Adoption - Cyndi's List
Adoptee Search Resources
Canadian Adoptees Regristry
International Soundex Reunion Reg.
Guide to Adoptee Search
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People Locators
Finding Living People-Cyndi's List
Comprehensive People search
Relative Finder
Searching for People
USA People Search
Virtual Gumshoe
WhoWhere? People Search
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Photo Information
Enhance faded papers/photos
Family Matters Archive
Restoring Damaged Photos
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Dictionary Of Occupational Titles
Occupations - Cyndi's List
Old Occupations in 5 Languages
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Preservation of Scrapbooks/Albums
Scrapbooking Idea Network
Learn to Scrapbook
All About Scrapbooking
The Scrapbook Library
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Soundex Information
Surname to Soundex Code
Soundex Converter
Soundex Converter
Surname to Soundex Coder
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Time Zone

World Clocks
Time Zone Tools and Utilities
World Time Zone Map
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European Place Name Changes
Geographic Names online
German Historic Place Names
Historical Country Names
Hometown Locator Gazetteer
JewishGen Communities Databases
Ontario Place Locator
Jewishgen Gazetteer
UK Parish Locator
U.S. Counties
U.S. Town/County Search
UK & Ireland Gazetteer
USGS Place Finder
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Decipher Chinese Characters
European Language Translator
Foreign Word Translation
Free Translation Service
Jewish Records Indexing Standards
Google Language Tools
Travlang's Translating Dictionaries
Online Machine Translators
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