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Dear Guests,
Please read the following information before you leave, and then take it with you for reference in Margarita.

 What to pack:
It's best to pack light. Margarita is a very casual place, shorts and T-shirts, nothing fancy. You may want to bring one set of nicer clothes if you are planning any evenings out in Porlamar.  The following is a list of things that we recommend you bring.

  • Current passport valid for at least 6 months after you arrive, also one other picture ID such as drivers License.
  • Tourist card (given on airplane)
  • Windsurfing harness, booties, gloves (Even if you don't sail with gloves at home, they are highly recommended to avoid blisters. We have seen a lot of sailors with painful holes in their fingertips and palms of their hands.) While you can bring your own personal equipment, all of these items are readily available for rent or purchase in El Yaque
  • Helmet and PFD if desired - these too are available for rent
  • Sunscreen - high SPF (25 +), waterproof is the best. Margarita is 11 degrees off the Equator, don't ruin your vacation with a bad sunburn!!! While sailing many people wear a 1-2mm wetsuit for sun protection, or a lycra sailing shirt.
  • Beach towel (Please don't take bathroom towels to the beach)
  • Mosquito repellent ( mosquitoes can be bothersome if the wind is light in the evenings)
  • Ball-point pen (needed for custom forms, etc.)
  • Travelers checks - It is best not to carry cash. Many restaurants in El Yaque don't accept credit cards or foreign dollars, so change your travelers checks into Bolivar's (bs) as needed. Try not to bring Bolivar's home, you may have trouble changing them back to dollars or get a poor rate. The airport gives as good a rate as any, cash some on your arrival.
  • First aid items - It's always good to bring a few band-aids and antibiotic cream for cuts and scratches, aspirin or Motrin for those sore muscles. I also pack a few cold remedies, as it is terrible going around with a stuffed head in the sunny weather. Check with your doctor about recommendations for preventing travelers diarrhea, we travel with Pepto Bismal capsules, and I know of others that use yogurt pills which you can get through health food stores and pharmacies. Start taking the yogurt pills about a week before you leave, and keep taking them throughout your trip. A little preparation will keep you outside and active!
  • A Spanish dictionary ( or phrase book ) can be very helpful, especially if you have some knowledge of Spanish. Many people in El Yaque speak English, but it's fun to try to learn Spanish while you are there.
  • Pocket calculator - very helpful for calculating the exchange rate.

Arrival in Margarita:Its hot arriving mid day !
After you have gone through customs and claimed your baggage, proceed outside and either get a cab or if you have given me your flight numbers etc. look for Hector. Hector is a young, nice looking man with black curly hair. Hector may have a sign with "Las Brisas" written on it. Hector will take you to El Yaque. If catching a cab, or failed to find Hector or your flight didn't come as scheduled, ask the cab driver to take you to El Yaque. It is a good idea to set the price before getting in the cab. You should expect to pay about 7000bs, no more than 10000bs. Check the date of when this was written as the Bolivar has been going up so the prices do change quickly in Venezuela (Dec 2002). El Yaque is about a 15 minute cab drive from the airport. Tipping cab drivers is not customary. As you come into El Yaque, the first thing you will see is a small police station. Follow the road to the left and you will see the hotel California on the left of the street. The next building on the left is Las Brisas straight in line with Hotel California. Las Brisas Posada is a two-story ten-unit condo, white with red tile roof. You made it!

Check-in:Which way to the beach ?
If you have arrived with Hector you have already checked in but if you have arrived by cab you will need to see Hector for your keys. Hector lives in the concierge house on the property, manages our condo as well as  a clothing shop in town "La Ventolera". Hector will give you the keys, and fill you in on what is happening. There is a safe for your use. There is no deposit for the safe key but if you fail to return it you must pay Hector $25.00 U.S. for it before you leave.  (the cost of a new key.)

Maid Service:
Maid service is provided for your comfort. If you feel at the end of your stay you were happy with their service please tip them.

There is a laundry service in El Yaque whom picks up daily. If you want to send some laundry out contact Hector.  The laundry man charges by the kilo and it is very reasonable. It usually takes one to two days before you will get it back. We do have a close line for hand washed items in the back yard, and pegs are in the closet downstairs, or on the line.

I recommend you leave flashy jewelry at home. Who needs it on a vacation, especially a beach and windsurfing vacation? Other valuables should be locked in the safe. Don't leave personal belongings unattended at the beach or in a rental car.

The official currency is the Bolivar. The exchange rate is aprox. 760bs for 1 U.S. dollar. You will need Bolivar's for the taxi at the airport. There is a Cambio (currency exchange booth) at the Porlamar airport but is not open late at night. There are four or five places in El Yaque you can change money. Hector will change travelers cheques or cash for you at his shop.

Electrical voltage:
110 volts, 60 Hz, same as at home here. Most plugs don't have a ground socket.

Drinking Water:
Do not drink tap water. We have bottled water (18.9 Liters) in the condo for your use The water man comes twice a week and if you need the bottle refilled just put it outside the front door before you leave to go sailing. The water cost 800 bs for a refill which you must pay. Just leave the money under the bottle. You must purchase your own water, so if you are fortunate enough someone has thought of your fresh water needs (Hector may bring you water) please reimburse him for this cost. All of the water in Margarita comes from the mainland in a pipe under the ocean. Please conserve water as much as possible. Water is a precious resource on the island.

Medical Care
There is an excellent health care facility in the town of Asuncion. It is called Centro Medico "Nueva Esparta" - La Asuncion. There are doctors of every type and a well stocked pharmacy all at the same location. The medical center itself is very new and modern. It has an emergency facility and the phone number is 016 - 6995 58 91. Its is about a 40 - 60 minute drive.

Getting Around:Hot Tip !! get a cab with mag wheels
If you want to rent a car you have two options. There are cars available at the airport and also you can order a car at most of the hotels in El Yaque whom will make the arrangements for you. Don't be surprised if they say all the cars are rented, just book a car for another day. It cost about $60.00US - $85.00US per day to rent. Be sure they mark down any dings on the vehicle before you rent it, most cars are older so check to see if things you want actually work. Another option is to get a taxi to drive you for the day, it may cost about the same. The cab drivers will wait while you take a swim, have a bite to eat or what ever is your fancy. Hector can arrange an island tour, this way you can relax with a Polar while they drive you around. The last option is to take the public transit or bus, the bus is very inexpensive and covers most of the island. Check the schedule and ask some one because it can change with out notice.

Checking out:Just let me stay one more day.....
Check out time is 12 noon. If your flight is later than this check with Hector to see if we have guests coming in that evening. If we have no guests it is not a problem to stay in the room longer or at least store your luggage. Give the keys to Hector or leave them in the condo on the kitchen counter when you check out. Hector will drive you back to the airport for your flight so make sure you arrange this with him.

Reconfirming Flights:
Reconfirm your flights 72 hours before departure. If you are flying on a Venezuelan airline, they will cancel your reservation if this has not been done. You can have your flights reconfirmed at the travel agency in front of Jump & Jibe. This is very important.

Food Shopping:Jyl's favorite way to relax?.....I'd rather be sailing
There are four small stores in town to buy food but to really shop for food, go to Rattan in Porlamar. This is a large store with a wide selection of imported foods including a deli and meat market. For fruits and vegetables, try the open air market in Porlamar. There is also a vegetable truck that comes to El Yaque daily. Listen for his loud speaker announcing what produce he has that day.

While shops are open all day in El Yaque, some shops and restaurants in other towns do have "la siesta". You may want to check ahead before planning a trip into town for shopping or banking, but in general, working hours are:

Banks Monday to Friday 8:30am to 3:30pm
Stores Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 1:00pm then 3:00pm to 7:00pm
Offices: Monday to Friday 8:00am to 12:00pm then 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Other useful Information:Jyl's 2nd favorite way to relax

  • You need to have your passport number to cash your travelers checks or to use your credit card.
  • Hector can arrange tours of the island, also there is a Travel agent in front of Jump &Jibe who books tours all over the country.
  • There is a TV\VCR in the condo as well as a small TAPE\CD player. Bring some of your favorite tunes along for the evenings while sitting in the back garden.

Restaurants:We spoiled our kids with icecream ......every day !
There is lots of good food in El Yaque. Some of my favorites are:

  • Gabby's Bar and Grill has great B.B.Q. food and the best Mexican food in town.
  • La Rocco - Pizza, pasta, and seafood. They have a real wood oven for the pizzas.
  • Mikes Bar - Located on the beach in front of Vela. Great lunch snacks and volleyball @ 5 o'clock.
  • Hotel Atti - excellent steak, chicken & fish.
  • Fuereza Six - Good prices, nice atmosphere, surf videos, and good B.B.Q. chicken.
  • Hotel California - Tuesday night is Pasta night. Also a good full breakfast, but it's a bit pricey.

Emergency Contact Number:Ah....well....I'm going to be late for work nexted week
You can receive a fax message through Hector our manager. We will supply you with this number when you confirm your booking. On the fax they must write your name and that you are staying at #6 Las Brisas Posada. It is up to you to check with Hector if you are expecting any faxes.

There is e-mail service in El Yaque in most of the larger Hotels for a fee of approximately 500bs per minute.


If you have any further questions, please give me a call.


HAVE A GREAT VACATION!!!Have a great vacation from Jyl & Tim

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