"Team Special Forces - U.S.A. featuring the team members (left to right) Mitchell Utterback, Michael Koller, Paul Theofanous and Billy McClain."

Comment: “The simple and fast assembly of the NORTH PEACE™ IMARI tent with the SIMPLEX™ frame system along with its durable and practical design made making camp a real pleasure under the conditions that we faced. The take down of our camp was also made equally easy and fast using this new NORTH PEACE™ equipment.”
Paul Theofanous, Team member, Team Special Forces - U.S.A.

Comment: “The NORTH PEACE™ AURORA 65 backpack represents the kind of quality pack that we need when we carry heavy loads long distances over rugged terrain.”
Michael Koller, member of Team Special Forces - U.S.A.

Comment: “The SIMPLEX™ frame system will have as much positive impact on the camping industry as did the original introduction of the shock cord frame a couple of decades ago.”
Mitchell Utterback, member of Team Special Forces - U.S.A.

So with this kind of performance, NORTH PEACE™ is proud to bring you outdoor gear that can withstand the toughest conditions. NORTH PEACE™ will continue its rigorous product testing program with Team Special Forces – U.S.A. so that we can bring you products that make your outdoor experience a pleasure. Why do we go to these extremes to ensure our products are the best? Because you deserve the best!