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Oakwood Management Ltd. incorporates into the firm a high standard of integrity and commitment resulting in a substantial benefit to the client and community.

An aggresive, positive approach, coupled with integrity and commitment is charateristic of the services provided our clients. The Company is licensed under the Alberta Superintendent of Real Estate and Insurance and is insured through the Alberta Real Estate Assurance Fund. We also carry a One Million Dollar Liability Policy with Guardian Insurance.

The principle concept is to establish and maintain an equitable relationship between the firm and it's clients in terms of fees, exepectations and services rendered.

The methodology is to incorporate the clients' goals with the firm's goals in order to acheive levels mutually gratifying. A proper agency service to any client calls for involvement tailored to the specific needs of the client. Our management fees are based upon the complexity of the project and degree of involvement in the assigned project. With this approach, greater objectivity and economy of cost can be realized.