Band Bio

Lot 105 is an experienced and professional four-piece rock/pop combo based out of Edmonton. Aggressive alternative rock melodies and dynamic three-part vocal harmony create an energetic and diverse musical sound. Originally composed and cover songs mix a blues and jazz feel with melodic pop vocals. Major influences and comparable musical sounds include British pop bands Radiohead, Blur and The Beatles; as well North American bands Barenaked Ladies, Ben Folds Five, and REM.

Lot 105's focus is on creating an entertaining and involving live show. The music combines electric and acoustic guitar, keyboard, bass and drums with harmonies performed by both male and female vocalists. Introspective and intelligent lyrics with an emphasis on creative storytelling are supported by strong vocal and musical melodies.

Lot 105 is:

Marek Reminsky - Lead vocals and guitar

Leanne Drury - Keyboards

Harold Melsness - Bass





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