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   Dear Cat Lovers,
How long has it been since you curled up with a really great book of cat stories? Do you want to feel warm and fuzzy inside? Need a giggle to lift your spirits? Well, wait no longer. Come and meet five very unique felines in "Cat Tails: Some of My Best Friends are Cats." You will recognize some of your own cats in the humorous and heart warming stories that chronicle the lives of one family of cats.
 Meet Minkey, the Blue Point Siamese, who considers himself lord of the pride and rules with a firm paw. Charles (Chuck to his friends) just wants to know that there is always food in his bowl, while Nathan, the Maine Coon, considers himself to be the great outdoor cat......well, at least if the weather is fine! Mr. Mouse is a pure white Persian who just loves to be around people. His speciality is greeting one and all with "high fives", while his little sister, Miss Kiss, is the ultimate fuss budget lady cat, with an attitude.
   Enjoy meeting these personalities and a few of their friends in the anecdotal true stories in "Cat Tails: Some of My Best Friends Are Cats." You will chuckle to read about Minkey's encounter with his first water bed or discover just how Nathan takes on the neighbourhood bully. Travelling with cats provides great moments of laughter or frustration and make wonderful stories as you will discover in the pages of "Cat Tails."  Once you have enjoyed the "Cat Tails" stories, you will want to delve into "Cat Paws," the sequel. The cats are back and the feline family has grown to six cats with the addition of baby Amber, a Torte Point Himalayan. What fun to read about the upsets a kitten can cause in a family of sedate middle aged felines. Find out how Mr. Mouse takes to stardom when he appears on national television. Cats are such magnificent creatures and provide endless hours of amusement and pleasure for the people that they own!
    Order now and receive a signed copy of the book along with a personalised message from the author as well as a matching bookmark. These are "purrfect" gifts for cat lovers of all ages and will be read and re-read.

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