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CAT TAILS: Some of My Best Friends Are Cats  
Cat Tails
"Cat Tails" is the story of a group of felines who eventually become a family. Cats are, by their very nature, either loved or hated. Most find a safe haven in which to live out their lives and the person who shares this time with them is, indeed, enriched. Four gentlecats and one lady cat, all of whom came from different beginnings, now co-exist in some degree of harmony. Minkey, the Siamese, considers himself 'Lord of the Pride,' while Chuck just wants to be certain there is ample food in his dish at all times. Nathan, the Maine Goon, is the outdoorsman who ventures forth in all weather. Well, sort of! Mouse, the pure white Persian, just loves to be around people. And finally, Miss Kiss, who never lets anyone forget that she is a lady, with attitude. Enjoy meeting these personalities through the anecdotes that will make you laugh or bring a tear to the eye. This, then, is their story and a few tales about their friends.

"Cat Tails" is on the recommended reading list for the Calgary, Alberta Board of Education. Cat lovers of all ages will enjoy "Cat Tails" and recognize their own felines in many of the stories.

Cover design and interior illustrations by the author's son, Christopher J. G. Bailey. "Cat Tails" has five illustrations of the cats plus one photograph.

Cat Paws "Cat Paws" is the continuing story of the author's family of cats, who came from various unwanted backgrounds. Living with a family of felines provides an unending supply of anecdotes and can brighten even the worst day with a soft purr and a gentle nuzzle. On tiny cat paws, they arrive to steal their way into your home, your life and your heart. Creatures so tiny that their total vulnerability makes them exceptionally captivating. A parental instinct takes over and before one knows it, these little balls of fur have become an intricate part of the family. The cat family has increased since "Cat Tails" and that adds to the fun. Minkey, the Blue Point Siamese, at the age of eighteen, still acts as 'Lord of the Pride', while Chuck, the black and white Tabby, just loves to be loved. Nathan, the Maine Goon, dreams of being the great outdoorsman without the cold weather. Mr. Mouse, the white Persian, has become quite the celebrity doing public appearances and Miss Kiss just wants to be left alone. Having baby Amber, a Torte Point Himalayan, join the family has added a new dimension.

"Cat Paws" is a delightful book for cat lovers of all ages and is on the recommended reading list for the Calgary, Alberta Board of Education.


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