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The number one reason for the lack of change is that a group has not articulated a goal. This page will provide: a sense of the greater visions and goals of the Church, processes for discerning and articulating goals and visions, as well as the experiences of congregations in doing this themselves.

The 1989 Vision Statement of the Presbyterian Church In Canada: This statement was adopted by the General Assembly in 1989. It paints a picture of the kind of life we hope to evolve into as a denomination. For this to happen, congregations need to reflect on their corporate lives to see where their growing edge is for change. Find here the statement and some suggestions for its use in your church. Included is an outline for a four session workshop day for your session.
The 1995 Mission Statement of the Presbyterian Church in Canada: This statement was adopted by the General Assembly in 1995.   A mission statement talks about who we are and what we are about.
Goal-Oriented Planning Checklist:  this is a simple scheme to ensure you cover all the bases when you plan for a task. It applies for goals which are big and small. I've included both the blank checklist as well as a finished example of its use.
Help Your Committee Renew It's Life:   This is a simple tool designed for a Committee, a Board or Session. 30 - 45 minutes of each regular meeting for five meetings are given over to the task of stating the committee's mandate, the values held by the committee, to evaluate the current tasks of the committee, to determine future priorities, and to reflect on the growing edges of the committee's life.
A Collection of  Congregational Vision Statements: Wonder what other churches have done in creating Mission / Vision / Values statements? Find here a growing collection of them to spark your imagination. If you have a good one, please submit it!