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Goal Oriented Planning Check Sheet

Who is involved:


The Goals: (This is a statement of the final, ideal state that will exist when the work is done. If a single objective or task can help to fulfill multiple goals, then the importance of that task grows)

To improve

To provide

To meet the needs of

To enhance

To build

This goal(s) was accepted by _____ at _____ when_____

Objectives: (This is a list of the concrete actions needed to be achieved in order to fulfill the goals. Objectives should be concrete tasks which are achievable and measurable, so you can know when it is completed. One objective may have several sub-tasks)



Leadership: (who would make the best leadership for this project? )


Task Group Members: (who would be our best people to approach to help in this work?)


Target Date: (when do we want this project completed by?)


Important Elements: (what will be important parts of the completion of this task? What needs to be done in addition to the objectives?)


Research: (What will this task group need to learn in order to pursue this task?)


Resources: (what kind of resources (people, money, time, materials, etc) will the task group need to complete their work?)


Training: (Is any kind of training needed to help the people on the task group to prepare them for their work?)


Support: (what kind of help and oversight does this team need?)




Budget: (Does this team need budget money to accomplish their task? If yes, estimate how much)


Communications (There are two kinds of communication needs. Internal: What kinds of communication structures does the Task Group need (phonelist, email, minutes)? When doe Task Group members need to be in touch with each other? External: who does the Task Group need to communicate to (Session, Board, Congregation, Minister?), what do they need to share, how often, means?)




Evaluation: (How will we know that the objectives will be met? What will we measure to know we have completed the task? How will we know we have been successful? Who will do the evaluation?)


For further reading on planned change: "Dry Bones Live: Helping Congregations Discover New Life" by Robert Craig and Robert Worley. Westminister / John Knox Press, 1992.

PCC Leadership Site http://www.oakridge.london.on.ca/leaders/index.htm