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Leadership is a learned skill, rooted in reflection on both study and experience. Whether your learning was an "ahaa!" or a "Well, I'll never do that again!!",  both are invaluable to you -- and others -- in growing in appreciation of what leadership means. This site is a co-operative, with materials freely shared for the benefits of all.  The goal is to provide a resource that all church leaders will eventually find invaluable.  Making this happen depends substantially on people like you contributing your learning and wisdom.

You can contribute to this site in several ways:

  • write a book report on a work you read;
  • even better: prepare a summary of what that book said;
  • even better: prepare a paper on some aspect of leadership;
  • prepare a case study on an actual example of leadership and congregational change;
  • share a process that you've used which was helpful in discerning current reality, envisioning a future, or facilitating congregational change;
  • pass on what you want to see posted at this sight. What would help you??
  • comment on something you've read here at PCCTalk, on the leadership page.

Start by passing along your ideas to us. Just click on the "Contact Us" link to the left. We can help you shape your contribution. There will be a degree of editorial control over the contents of this site, but what that will look like we don't know yet. As (or "if") this evolves, this page will be modified to explain any editorial policy we may develop.