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This page provides links to various resources which talk about leadership in terms which don't easily fit into the three categories of "Current Reality", "Visions&Goals" and "Change".

"Leadership Without Easy Answers":   a book review by Peter Coutts of this great leadership text by Ronald Heifetz.    Peter considers this a "must read" book!

St. Andrew's Hall: There are many leadership resources to be found at this website at the Vancouver School of Theology.   In particular, look for resources for elders at the Elders Institute and Brian Fraser's article, "The Elements of Effective Leadership".

Leadership as a Spiritual Practice: is leadership a modern, technical skill only, or is it first and foremost a spiritual practice?  This article explores the issue of where our starting point for leadership could be.

Leadership Vs. Management: "Leaders manage and managers lead, but the two activities are not synonymous".  This article explores the difference between the two practices. Which of thiese two  practices do you tend to follow? Which one does your church need today?