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Here's a quick way to check out what's new at the leadership resource site. Scroll through the index below -- the most recent updates are at the top of this page. Follow the links from this page or click there throught the menu at the left.

Date Added New Resource
Forthcoming "What are your Leadership styles?"   An article which explores the different schools and styles of leadership.  It is a diagnostic tool to help you appreciate what your style is currently and how you may wish to change it.
31 January 2001 In January you may have read about a new Statistics Canada study of the decline in worship attendance in Canada.  Read the whole study here in their article Patterns of Religious Attendance. Link from Current Reality Page. NOTE: this is a PDF file. More info on how to read it at the Current Reality Page.
29 October 2000 Leadership Vs. Management: "Leaders manage and managers lead, but the two activities are not synonymous".  This article explores the difference between the two practices. Which of these two   practices do you tend to follow? Which one does your church need today? Link from   the Leadership Page.
29 October 2000 Leadership as a Spiritual Practice: is leadership a modern, technical skill only, or is it first and foremost a spiritual practice?  This article explores the issue of where our starting point for leadership could be. Link from the Leadership Page.
29 October 2000 A Sample Sermon on Change:  a generic sermon about the first major shift the early church made in its life -- making a place for Gentile converts to Christianity (Acts 15). Feel free to use and rework this sermon to fit your specific context in ministry. By Peter Coutts. Link from the Change Page.