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This page is to house a growing collection of purpose / Vision / Values statements of congregations. Examples can stretch the imagination of people just beginning to think about developing such things at their church. If you think the statement(s) of your congregation would be a good example to encourage congregations beginning to think about writing their own, why don't you submit it?

Oakridge Presbyterian Church, London Ontario

Our Purpose: Oakridge Presbyterian church is a congregation of caring people, prayerfully seeking to further the Kingdom of God, through sharing the love and salvation found in Jesus Christ.

Principles:  God is revealed in Christ as Saviour and Lord. The Bible is our primary and relevant source of guidance for life. We continually seek to discern God’s will for us as revealed in the Holy Spirit.

We Value: 

The involvement of members, adherents and children
The use of our spiritual gifts in Christ’s service
Inter-dependency and caring for one another
Sharing the good news of the Gospel
Personal growth in faith
Meeting the physical and spiritual needs of people
The power of prayer
Trust and integrity

On The Journey Towards 2020 We Will (Our Vision):

Have a varied and diverse music programme
Make better use of technology
Ensure that physical and property requirements of our Church Community are met
Undertake new initiatives in the larger community where the need is the greatest
Involve all age groups in our activities as appropriate
Increase professional staff as need arises
Seek additional appropriate worship styles and venues
Ensure communication between Session/Board of Managers/Committees and the congregation
Involve our young adults on equal terms in decision making
Embrace change and take risks to live by our values and principles
Become more intentional in our evangelism
Offer to assist in the faith development in new believers and other members
Train and encourage people for leadership
Promote stewardship of accumulated resources for the future of our congregation