Injury sites in the United States

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute Everything anyone wants to know about bicycle helmets - injury statistics, effectiveness of helmets, standards, legislation, new designs.

Center for Rural Emergency Medicine University of West Virginia. Information on the delivery of health services in rural areas. Brochures are available in .pdf format (requiresAdobe (TM) Acrobat (TM) Reader software).

Children's Safety Network Publications available online and by mail. Links to other sites concerned with safety of children.

Center for Injury Control, Emory University Publishes 'Safe Community Advocate' which is available for download. Can also download (in both .html and .pdf formats) 'Headlines', the newsletter of the WHO Helmet Initiative. Also makes available a number of lectures and presentations on Injury Control in Real Audio format.

Clinical Preventive Services Some information on injuries, but mostly on chronic and infectious diseases.

Consumer Product Safety Division Numerous guidelines and publications to improve safety are available online (some in .pdf format). All press releases from 1990 to present are available. Notices of product recalls. Has a web page just for kids.

Information for Providers Injury data from New York State.

Injury Control Resource Information Network (ICRIN) Links to injury databases, Injury Research Centers, professional organizations, software. Also offers a variety of injury-specific resources.

Injury Prevention Internet Library Collection of articles on all aspects of injuries, including acute care, economic cost, firearms, program planning, surveillance.

Medscape Offers FREE Medline searches, but you must register a password. Also has full-text articles from various scientific journals available.

National Center for Injury Prevention and Control Access to data and funding opportunities. Information on prevention of unintentional injuries, violence, acute care and rehabilitation.

National Farm Medicine Center Information on injuries, disease and health promotion related to agriculture. Some reports are available online, others are free (for single copies) by mail.

National Library of Medicine FREE Medline searches through either PubMed or Internet Grateful Med.

National Program for Playground Safety University of Northern Iowa. Up-to-date information on playground safety and injury prevention is available online. Some resources are available only by mail.

National SAFE KIDS Campaign Fact sheets and checklists to improve children's safety are available online.

National Safety Council Offers library and training resources for purchase. Links to other sites with injury resources and statistics.

Occupational Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Society Aimed at individuals working in the field of Occupational Health, but does have some information useful to others. Links to other Occupational Health/Ergonomics sites.

Pediatric Points of Interest Information and links related to all aspects of children's health. Useful to parents and health professionals. Activities for kids. Software.

Risk: Health, Safety & Environment Book reviews and information on risk assessment. All articles published in the journal 'Risk' are available online in full-text, but tables and figures are not yet included.

Safe Within Information on improving safety. Daily updates of "Today's Safety News". Links to news groups for child, senior, auto, home and personal safety.

Think First Public education program to prevent brain and spinal cord injuries, and aimed at youths and adolescents. Links to other Think First sites in United States and Canada.

University of Buffalo Links to list of audiovisual aids on Aboriginal health issues. Includes a list of producers and distributers across North America.

Virtual Library - Epidemiology Links to all kinds of sites related to epidemiology, as well as sites of general interest.

Virtual Public Health Center Links to sites on all aspects of Public Health, including lists of available online journals and statistical databases.

WONDER Offered by the CDC with free access to numerous databases (including FARS). You must register and obtain password.

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