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Patt' 14
Enfield Pattern 14 Rifle (P14)
and US Model 1917 Rife (M17)

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Updated Jul 05
    Well I created this page in September '04 and have not updated it or developed it any further, so it's due for a major overhall.  Unfortunately I have not gotten around to taking photos of the interesting features so those will have to wait till next update.  First lets start with a little History of these rifles  This link will take you to my Enfield History Page, you will have to use the Back button on your browser to return here.
    The rifle you see in the picture above is a Remington Eddystone, identified by the marking , these rifles were manufactured in 2 other Plants, Remington and Winchester .  The same plants later made the M17 rifles.  The M17 or US Model 1917 30 Caliber Rifle was virtually the same rifle but chambered for the 30-06 round.  Some parts are a little different but many of the parts will interchange with little effort.  The P14 in the picture has a M17 stock that was taken off a Drill Purpose rifle.
    This brings me to another point about these rifles.  When these Rifles were surplused off many were sporterized. The actions were very strong, and were found to be suitable for many of the Magnum calibers being developed in the 60's and 70's, as well as a platform for many other wildcat calibers, and as target rifles.  The threading in these receivers had a square shoulder, unlike most modern firearms, so If your thinking of using a take off barrel you might be in for a little surprise.
    To restore these rifles from sporterized state you will need to find a new stock, and a nose cap.  To install the nose cap you will need to remove the front sight protective ears. This may require the use of a hydraulic press, some rifles its a very tight fitting while on others you can just tap it off.  I found a Drill Purpose (DP) stock from a M17, however it had a large hole in it near the receiver, but I will live with that. 

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