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.303 E.A.L.
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Updated 23 July 2004
     These rifles did not start off as No4 rifles.  These rifles are factory manufactured Enfield Civilian Sporter / Canadian Military survival rifles.  These rifles were built by a firm called Essential Agencies Ltd. from parts purchased off of Canadian Arsenals Ltd. (Longbranch)  What appears to have happened is EAL bought the barrels, receivers and other small parts, and assembled complete rifles.  They modified the barrels and receivers and made new stocks for these rifles.  They then supplied many of these rifles to the Canadian Military as survival rifles, many of the Civilian sporters also seemed to find their way into military use as well.  What is displayed here is the Civilian Sporter version, I do not have a Military version. (I have only seen one military version and it was in such bad shape that I could not justify buying it.  Someone had improved it by drilling holes in the side or the receiver for a scope then on the top of the receiver also for a scope.  They also wrecked the front site by cutting a larger dove tail for a different type of bead site, and as a final insult they cut a hand grove into the fore stock.  Ah well, how to bubba a nice collectable rifle into junk)
     There were two major differences between the Civilian and Military versions.  The Military version had a barrel mounted rear site and a flush fitting 5 round magazine.  The Civilian Sporter had the L shaped 2 position rear site (remarked 200-400yds) mounted on the rear of the receiver, and the standard 10 round magazine.

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The wood on the EAL is easily Identified.  The butstock  has a sporter profile with a full pistol grip, and a much higher comb than the regular Enfield stock.  It also has a red recoil pad, marked  Jostam Manfd, Anti Flinch Recoil Pad, as seen on the right

Not like the butstock in the top picture that has a normal butstock with a recoil pad added.

The forestock when removed has no lightening cuts, and the front sling swivel is actually the same as the rear swivel.

Top picture is a regular Enfield forestock that has been cut down, the bottom is from an EAL.  The EAL barrel is not free floated but has a pressure point mid barrel.

Also the wood is rounded on the top portion, unlike the regular No4 wood that was squared off where it was mated with the upper wood.

The foresight on the EAL (bottom) is a fairly high ramp and uses a standard Enfield blade site.  Other sporters use a variety of foresight ramps and normally have a wider dovetail.

The top of the barrel knox has the Canadian Arsenals Ltd. stamp on all EAL rifles

Top and side views of the receiver show the machining off of the charger bridge.  The edges were rounded off on the EAL rifle and then blued.  The top receiver is of a sporterized Enfield that had the charger bridge and rear site machined off, you can see the the top or the receiver is left squared off, not rounded like the EAL.  The EAL will also be stamped on the left side of the receiver, either 

.303 CAL.     E.A.L.- #### 


EAL #### 

Numbers seem to range up to 6999

The ejector screw and safety were missing in this photo. 

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