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Jul 2007 OK its been a long time since I did anything here, work and stuff getting in the way. I am going to get some work done on this website this year, starting with a new page on my 4x4's now I have 3 all in different sizes, and some projects in mind for them. So please be patient. I only have 2.3Mb webspace left.
Aug 2005 I've continued with updating and adding features, I've also started to work on some of the layouts, and table formats, now that I've learned a few more tricks.
Jul 2005 I've updated and added features including a Powder burn rate chart in the reloading page. I also did a lot of work on the Enfield Identification page. I also started sorting out the file system for the images but its going slow. I'm working mostly with notepad to write the HTML so it takes a long time to do this updating.
Jun 2005 Well I've been doing a lot of work on the Enfield rifles pages, making corrections, fixing spelling and grammer, updating and adding features etc... I've split the Identification and History pages and have restored and updated the Enfield History page, I have some further work to do, I want to make links to the diferent factories next. I hope to get more pictures up this summer as well.
Spring 05 I've got most of what I wanted to get up and running, however I lost a large page on Enfield Identification and History so thats getting a full rewrite.
Nov 04 I've Failed in my last goal of updating so I'll just continue on trying to up date this as time permits. Look for major changes around the Christmas Holidays.
Fall 04I'm going to concentrate this month on updating and completing a lot of the pages that I've started.
Sep 04I've started updating some of the older pages and have added in more rifle pages and features.
Jul 04Many new rifle pictures, EAL page completed, more Enfield links, New Nagant M91/30 comming soon.
May 04Many rifle pictures and links added, also cosmetic changes.
Apr 04Counter fixed.
Feb 04Web page resurrected, not very functional yet.  Please stand by.