Polish M44
Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R

Updated 23 July 2004
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   This rifle was purchased from SIR in Winnipeg, it was a clearance item and they are now all sold out.  It does have a mismatched serial numbers, bolt and receiver.  It was part of a batch or arsenal refinished and stored rifles and came with some ot the waxed paper still attached.  The Polish rifles were reputed to be the best quality M44's that were manufactured, and  the later ones never saw hard use as they were quickly phased out by the SKS rifle.  I have used this rifle for plinking and can hit a 2'x3' target at 500yds.  I think it was another good buy. 

Top of the bolt showing cocking knob and proof mark 
The cruciform, or spike, Bayonet on these rifles was permanently attached.  Here it is shown both folded and extended.  It is said that these rifles shoot better with the bayonet extended.  I have tried both and it shoots fine either way. 
Barrel knox showing 
Partial serial number AS093XX
Date of manufacture (1952)
Country code, 11 inside an oval which was the assigned to Poland (all eastern block countries had different numbers assigned)
Proof mark
The OW inside the Diamond was stamped on the butstock.  This was also a Polish mark 

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