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Top Dogs is a television series that covers a wide variety of canine activities. Any dog, working or companion, all types, sizes and breeds can be on Top Dogs. If you are already involved in dog activities and are looking for more information about dog sports, or are new to dog sports and are looking into the wide variety of activities covered on our show, then we want to help you get your dog off the couch and into a fun activity that you can do with your dog.

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Feature Activity: Flyball

Puppy Training

Many people wonder when they should start training their puppies. Begin training your puppy as soon as you bring them home. Start with the basics, such as sitting or teaching them their name. If you start early, they will not develop bad behaviour patterns.

Paws: Believe it or not dogs have a paw preference. In flyball, dogs will turn right or left at the box depending on their paw preference.

Flyball is a fast paced, team sport that any type of dog can participate in. There are four dogs per team, and the dogs must run a straight course over jumps to the end box. They are then required to collect the ball and return to their original starting point before the next dog on the team can start. The winning team is the one whose dogs all finish running the course first.

The box is operated by a box loader who puts the balls in the appropriate location for each dog. This may sound simple enough, but these dogs run at full speed! The box loader must be alert at all times to keep the dogs running smoothly.

To start your dog in Flyball, get them used to playing with a ball. Most dogs enjoy playing with balls naturally. Tennis balls are generally the best, and
are the same type of balls as used in Flyball tournaments.

If your dog is energetic and ball-oriented flyball might be the sport for you. Check the North America Flyball Association website (www.flyballdogs.org) for clubs in your area and have fun!

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