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          F4 Interceptor

Absolutely the best YachtTender ever designed!  More stability, smoother ride, and better handling than anything in it's class. From the removable tubes, (Track-System), to the inclusion of features such as welded towing & lifting eyes and raised "sub-floor", this range of tenders has the features & innovations we've been waiting for!  They're less drag when towed than conventional hull designs, and light enough to launch or stow easily.



                                                 F3400 RIB



                                                 F3150 RIB  - Island Marine B.C.


                                                                       For a list of  USD Retail prices;

                                                                      Force 4 - Prices 2003


                                                 Model F2400 RIB


                                                                   F3400 RIB


                                                            F3150 RIB


For more information regarding these or other models,

                                                 Email:  CS International

                                                                     Tel. 1 403 752 3025


 Fall/Winter 2004 ~

We have Vancouver & Island dealers with Force4 tenders in stock.

To find a dealer in your area, or to view a Force4 tender on Vancouver Island;

Call: 403 752 3025  (Mobil# 250 709 9319)

Test a Force4 at Maple Bay Marina (call for appointment).


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