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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Resume prepared 2014-November-23

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Project Leadership, Planning, and Problem-Solving

  • Demonstrated effective leadership on ten major projects. They ranged from graphical mainframe configuration management, digital audio research, and real-time signal processing, through geological and engineering applications, to production accounting.
  • Estimated, scheduled, and monitored progress on nine major projects. Eight of the nine were on time and on budget, and the ninth required a single reschedule. The largest project involved ten persons and eight effort years.
  • Supervisory and assistant manager experience, including hiring.
  • Demonstrates calm and competent planning and leadership in hobby activities.

Software Engineering

  • Analysed, designed, and programmed extensively on all major projects.
  • Designed and programmed dozens of smaller projects ranging from a Lisp interpreter through custom data base applications to seismic routines and encryption modules.
  • Wrote documentation for all projects.
  • Collaborated with electronics engineers to design and test custom hardware.

Data Base Analysis and Development

  • Conducted the data analysis, design, and development for nine major projects and a number of minor projects. Created three proprietary data storage designs.
  • Served occasionally as data base administrator.
  • Developed a data base guidelines manual for programmers and analysts.

Management Analysis

  • Recommended action to management for four existing engineering and production accounting systems.
  • Conducted an organisation and data flow analysis of the Production Department of a major oil and gas company.
  • Worked on a major proposal for a computer game start-up.
  • Completed several small feasibility studies.

Communication Skills

  • Excellent oral and written skills, including listening and public speaking.
  • Instructed in project estimating and scheduling, data base analysis and design, systems analysis, and programming.

Work History Summary

  • 1983 - Present     System and Software Consultant
    • (clients include U of C Sport Medicine, DartCart, Beta Systems Canada, Thorntree Software, Archer Communications, Canterra Energy, Alberta Wheat Pool, and Teknica Resource Development)
  • 2000 - 2002     Game Designer / Architect
    • (created a board game; wrote scenario material for a role playing game; was a principal in a potential online computer game start-up venture)
  • 1976 - 1982     Union Oil Company


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