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  • B.Sc. with Distinction in Physics and Mathematics (University of Calgary).
  • Graduate Studies in Artificial Intelligence and Linguistics (University of Essex, England).
  • Additional courses in systems analysis, data bases, supervising, project planning and control, technical writing, joint application design, computer security, software engineering, CASE tools, expert systems, and structured analysis, design, and programming.


  • Methodologies: Project estimating and scheduling, Yourdon analysis and design, structured programming, basic object oriented analysis, design, and programming.
  • Data Bases: SQL Server, MySQL, Access, Adabas, SQL/DS, IDMS, Oracle, others.
  • Languages: C++, SQL, C, Visual Basic, Java, LUA, XML, DSP56000 assembler, PL/I, Natural, Pascal, Lisp, Scheme, Prograph, HTML, CSS, Perl, PDP-11 assembler, FORTRAN, others.
  • Environments: Windows ASP.NET; Macintosh OS X, OS 7; IBM VM/CMS; IBM MVS/TSO/ISPF; Unix/Ubuntu; others.
  • Other: Word processors, spreadsheets, data bases, GANTT charting, version control systems, Quicken.
  • Member: ACM and IEEE Computer Society.


  • Field hockey, history, folk dancing, archery, traditional folk music, backpacking, reading, gardening, cross-country skiing, and scuba diving.
  • Instructor in folk dancing (two kinds), archery, mediaeval history, and (long ago) dinghy sailing.
  • Translated a mediaeval French cookbook into English (published 1987). Translated a French cookbook of 1604 into English (not yet published). Did a rough translation of a Dutch cookbook of 1593, since handed over to another person for completion.
  • Formerly membership secretary for the Canadian Society for Traditional Music from 1985 to 2009 (including data base design); and treasurer from 1999 to 2007 (taking the group from financial crisis to financial health and predictability).
  • Formerly treasurer for the Calgary Saracens Field Hockey Club for three years (taking the group from marginal to healthy financial status).
  • Formerly troubleshooter for the Society for Creative Anachronism (mediaeval historical re-creation) running the local group during a difficult change of leadership; formerly leader of the local group for three years; regional officer; and member of the organising committee for a major gathering attended by 5500 people.
  • Formerly volunteer for the Great Divide Trail Association (constructing a backpacking trail).
  • Maintained and developed an add-on for the online game World of Warcraft for over a decade.
  • Enhanced a data base for Planned Parenthood Alberta.
  • Have visited Australia, Easter Island, Ecuador, England, France, Galapagos, Greece, India, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, Rarotonga, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Tahiti, the United States, Wales, Hong Kong, Sweden, and Norway.


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